Renewal of PMSSS/Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme in 2016-2017 for J&K Students Stipend Distribute Upload Documents Procedures for Jammu Kashmir Applicants

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    Preeti Singh Member Renewal of PMSSS/Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme in 2016-2017 for J&K Students Stipend Distribute Upload Documents Procedures for Jammu Kashmir Applicants
    There are some instruction is provided by the J & K scholarships, government of Jammu & Kashmir about renew of prime minister special scholarships. Students need to follow this procedures at time of renew service of scholarship. It is necessary for all people who want renew services if expiry date is near. User need to check all information here then apply for required scholarship. All details about fees, documents and amount are given to user for scholarship all avail here. User need to apply for renew services in online website. It can contain all details in computerize form. Applicant need to fill all entries here and submit form online. If some mistakes found here then form is rejected by the department. This portal is designed and developed by the all India council for technical education. They can maintain portal so it can run without any error. But all content here is avail by the concerned department. They can add or renew old or new data as per user requirement. At time of register here, they need to enter correct mobile number and e mail id. All notification about password and scholarship renew is given here. you need to make sure then when register mobile number is lost or service disconnect, then user need to update here new mobile number. At time of apply renew service, you need to read all given instruction here then apply for required services here. This portal is avail all 24 X 7 hours so every person can apply here if they are busy. User needs internet connection and computer to open online portal of AICTE. So check all details here then apply for scholarship service.

    // Instruction for renewal of Prime minister’s special scholarship scheme for Jammu & Kashmir //

    There are some instruction provided by the department for renew of scholarship under prime minister special scholarship scheme. Check here all type of given link and visit here for more details.

    Scholarship given to students
    Scholarship details are given here check then all.
    • Tuition fees: -
    For general degree course: - up to RS 30, 000 per annum
    For engineering degree course: - up to RS 1.25 lakh per annum
    For medical students which include bachelor of dental surgery: - up to RS 3 lakh per annum
    The tuition fees is given to students as per actual or as per norms laid down by state fee regulatory authority, which is less or within overall ceiling of the guidelines or instruction.
    Hostel fees and incidental
    Fees are up to RS 1 Lakh per annum which can include maximum reimbursement of RS 15, 000 toward books and stationary.
    1. The course fees and actual fees are given to students as per Actual.
    2. The reimbursement of hostel charge/ mess charges and expense toward book and stationery would be based on college/ institute authority certification as per actual.
    Scholarships distribute procedures
    The scholarship of academic year 2015 – 2016 is provided to students under the direct benefits transfer scheme only. It is directly given in bank account of beneficiary, in this account number aadharr card need to attach here. Students need to pay fees and upload all supporting document after getting verified form their institute.
    1. Students need to submit copy of mark sheet of last semester/ end term 2014 – 2015 result showing
    2. In case of result of students is not provided by the affiliated university or examination is not conducts, in this case they are promoted to next class. Then certificate is required by the head, is institution.
    3. Fees receipt is require for academic year 2015 – 2016 for which student can get their scholarship.
    4. In case there are no fees are paid by the students by the head of institute may issue a certificate stating the same. Such as tuition fees can be paid to DTE fees structure and hostel fess as per institution fee structure.
    5. In case if students is not residing in hostile.
    • Certificate is needed from the university/ institute regarding for rent claimed
    • Rent agreement or rent receipt is required for period of rent claim.
    1. Book receipt is needed on name of students which is purchased for the AY for which scholarship is provided to them. It is duly attested by the authority signatory of institute.
    2. User need two page of bank passbook
    • Name of account holder
    • Name and address of bank
    • IFSC code, CBS code
    • Bank account number
    • Copy of aadhaar card if available
    Procedure for upload document
    1. Studnest who want to renew service they need to visit online portal which name as and visit to registration for renewal of scholarship.
    2. You need to submit here details about registration.
    3. The details enter by applicant are need to verified by the available data of all candidates who can apply for scholarship in previous year.
    4. On successful verification, user name and password is given to user on their e mail id. You need to check all details here.
    5. User can use their user name and password which is provided at time of registration, login in and for first time, user need to enter their e mail id and password of your choice. So select here and enter details.
    6. The details enter by applicant are final user name and password for login here.
    7. With use of user name and password, user is eligible here for enter all details about their personal, academic and bank account details on AICTE website.
    8. Document need to upload here which is avail in scanned form: -
    • Copy of mark sheet/ end term 2014 – 2015 which show result of academic
    • A certificate form head of institute is require if students are promote to next class if result is not provide
    • Fees receipt of tuition/ hostel/ other incidental chares for academic year 2015 – 2016 is needed
    • In case of students not residence in hostel then rent agreement or certificate Form University is needed here.
    • Book receipt is require
    • Back passbook photocopy is needed which can contain name of account holder, name and address of bank, IFSC code, CBS code, bank account number is required to show in copy
    • Copy of aadhaar card if available
    For more details read this

    You need to visit here and check all details about renew service of prime minister Scholarship. It can provide all details to user about their services here. So read all details then apply for required service.
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    I am in 4th year when i submited DBT form thre was a mispelling error in name can i edit this error
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    i cant found the list of renewal of scholarship online.
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    I need to renewal scholarship 2016-2017 as I have got scholarship under PMSSS last year
    Tell me the procedure how to renewal
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    Sir,i got only one instalment of 2015 in 2016 Rs 87,500. but after that I try so many times for the renewal of scholarship but ,I can't .iam suffering problems here plz give me the can I did the next candidate id is 20178611.
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