Bangalore: Apply Online for Name Change in Electricity Connection or Meter in Karnataka & Application Procedure

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    For name change in connection user needs their electricity bill and the copy of connection in which name, application id is mention. This service is given by the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited. The consumer needs to check all details here then apply here anytime. Most of the user wants online services it can save their time and provide result in short time, the user needs to read all details which are avail in BESOM. It contains all information in computerizing form so every person can read them. They need to register here for collect their login details like user id and password. The user can login here and select services name as change name. You need to fill correct details in online form before reading. If any details found here incorrect then make the correction here otherwise the application is rejected. They issue application slip to the user so they check status about form. It given the result to the user about their form is process or not. If not then contact to office in which form is submitted, they are given here all reason like documents missing here, correction needed and other. You need to make the correction here then apply here. For any help, the user needs to call on their helpline number. This number is avail to the user in all working days so call here and get solution about their quires. It opens all 224 X 7 days so every person can apply here from their home, office or place in which they feel comfortable. They needed internet services and computer to access given web pages. They can read here the list of FAQ question for more help on given services. If the user can lose their password they need to recover it by entering user id and mail id. So read all details here then apply given services.

    // Online name change //

    For the process of the name change, you need to follow all details which are avail here.
    1. You need to register here for collect login details.
    2. If login details already exist then login here and apply name change services.
    If you want to follow the offline procedure then download the application form from given link:
    Download the application form and submit to the nearest office of department with all documents.
    Read and enter correct details
    • Enter account id here
    Name change
    • Existing consumer name
    • If security deposit to be transfer to name of new consumer: - YES/ NO
    • Enter new consumer name
    • Enter email address
    • Enter occupation / designation
    • Enter date of birth here
    • Enter authorize signatory
    • Enter existing account id of new consumer if any
    • Enter relation type
    • Enter relation name
    • Enter telephone type
    • Enter telephone number or mobile number
    • Enter reason for seeking transfer
    Click on submit button.
    Now collect here receipt of the name change here.

    --For any help call here

    Helpline number: - 1912
    You need to call here and ask the question for change name. The solution is provided to the user in the same time as their question.

    User, we provide here all details for name change services. The link is here so read all process. For any help, you need to call on their helpline number and get the solution.
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    The above link of BESCOM is not working :(
  3. guest

    guest Active Member

    THe above link is not working. :-(
  4. Readers Help

    Readers Help Team Member Staff Member

    We are sorry sir,

    We have updated all the links again. You can now go through the given links. Here I'm also providing you below the procedure for changing the name in meter/connection.

    If you want to follow the offline procedure then download the application form from below link and then submit it with all the documents such as your electricity bill copy, address proof, I'd proof, last payment receipt etc.
    But if you are having login id and password of bescom website in that case you can directly login on the home page. But in case you are not having the registration first you have to make it through the below link.
    After making the registration you have to fill the online application form for change name in connection meter. You can check the instructions in below link.
    We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for updating us also. If you need any kind of more help feel free to submit your comment and our team will be happy to help you always.
  5. Arul

    Arul Guest

    I am not able to register in the mentioned link becuase it says account is already registered.
    It gives message as "The Account ID has been already registered. Please contact Customer Care."

    If i call customer care, they advise to walk to subdivision branch and informed the name change is possible only if we walk into branch

    Please advise correct procedure to do name change online.
    Atleast confirm if the name change is possible online or not.
  6. guest

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    I am not able to do registration online, it gives message as The Account ID has been already registered. Please contact Customer Care.
    When i call customer care, i was advised to walk to subdivision as that is the only option for name change.
  7. guest

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    Mostly because, the previous owner was using this customer id. Get the access details from them and register with your mail and others.
  8. guest

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    I have applied name change online and have paid requisite fees for the name change also. How long should I wait for getting the name change now.
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