West Bengal: Online Download Map of Block/Mouzas Bhu-Naksha of Bhu-Abhilekh Department of Revenue Govt of WB

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    For map of block and Mouza is given by the land & land reforms department, government of west Bengal. They can provide all services to user about map of block or Mouza. User needs to carry their documents to their revenue department at time of check details here. It is necessary for all people to carry their documents. They can provide all details to user about their land records if their documents are match as per documents of land. Most of user wants online service it can save their time and provide result in short time. Department can provide online website to help their citizens. It can contain all information in computerize form so every user can apply here. This portal is designed and developed by the national informatics center. They can maintain portal so it can run without any error. But all content here is provided by the concerned department. They can add new content here time to time and remove old information which is no used by any person. It cans provide feedback service to user so they can give some suggestion or improvement tips in portal about given services. This portal is open in all 24 X 7 days so every person can apply here about their land information. You need to check here different type of application form is avail here if they are useful for them you need to fill form and submit to revenue department. It can provide link of many government website so user can apply other services which is needed by them. If user number is register in their data base they can provide alerts about their land records. So check all given services here then apply for map of block and mouza here with correct details.

    //Procedure for map for block / Mouzas//

    For map of block or Mouza user need to visit on given link. Enter correct detail in given column here.

    Link is here

    Enter following details here: -
    • Select here any district for block/ mouza
    • Select code, name, block name, number of mouza any one need to select here
    • Select here mouza information: - code/ Jl number, mouza name
    • Select sheet number here
    It can provide map of land to user if they can enter here correct details. You need to take print out of details here.

    Contact us

    For contact here about problem and suggestion about ROR
    Mail here
    : -

    You need to send mail on given id. They can provide solution to user about their quires which is faced by then at time of apply here about land records or map services.

    User, we can provide you all information about land records. You need to check given link here and take copy of map here. For more help, you need to sent mail here and ask here any question related to map. You also visit to revenue department in your area with all documents.
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    Sitai bharli polot namber
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    92 no Doulatpur mouza
    Block Harishchandra Pur 2
    Polish station hsrishchsndrapur
    Dist malda
    W. B.
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    provide link get the ror of property through using the plot number online.
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    There is no mouza map.
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    no mouza map available
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    Birosthol i want to check the map of my land
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