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    The agriculture plays a key role in the economy of the Orissa / Odisha state. About 80 percent of the state population is engaged in the agriculture works, although most of the land here is infertile or more is unsuitable for annual crop. There are approximately 40 lakh land farms are available in Orissa state, whose average size is 1.5 hectares, but the per capita cultivated area is less than 0.2 hectares is available only. About 45 percent of the state’s total area is farmland. 80 percent of in this land rice is grown.

    Other important crops are oil seed, pulses, jute, sugarcane and coconut. Lack of availability of sunlight, moderate soil quality, minimal use of fertilizers, timely and quantity lack of monsoon rainfall due to the variety in the production here is less. Since many rural people are unable to get employment consistently throughout the year, so many families involved in the agriculture works are also engaged in non-agricultural activities.

    Due to the population growth, the per capita availability of arable land is dwindling. Attempt to the impose limit on the land acquired mostly failed. However state has been given government acquired land on voluntarily to the former tenants (kashtkar). Rice is the main crop of the state. In year of 2004-05 the state produced approx 65.37 lakh metric ton rice. While farmers some farmers are also engaged with the sugarcane farming works.

    Higher crop production technology, integrated nutrient management and pest management is being adopted to expand agriculture. The state government of Orissa also has been distributed 12.5 lakh different seeds, 10 lakh nuts seeds and 2.5 lakh seedlings of vegetables. To promote quality of onion crop the state government also distributed 300 quintals of onion seeds for farming in 7500 acres land. Under the National Horticulture Mission (NHM) the state government of Odisha also organized the 2625 exhibitions of rose, guldaudi and marigold flowers.

    For providing the Minimum Support Prize (MSP) of paddy the Orissa State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited (PAC) is aiming to by 20 lakh metric tons rice from MARKFED, NAFED etc. agencies. In drought prone areas for the small reservoirs in 13 lakh hectares area the government is aiming to develop 2413 small reservoir.

    Through large, medium and small projects and water harvesting projects has attempted to increase the irrigation capacity:

    Ø Till the year 2004-05 irrigation has been completed for 2696 lakh hectares.

    Ø In the 2005-06 sessions six irrigation projects have been identified for 12685 hectares land irrigation, of which four have been achieved.

    Ø In 2005-06 the Orissa Lift Irrigation Corporation made 500 lift irrigation points under the Biju Agricultural Development Plan and 1200 hectare irrigation potential is obtained.

    Ø In 2004-05 the total electricity generation capacity in the state was 4845.34 MW and a total capacity of 1995.82 of electricity was obtained from sources.

    Ø As of the March 2005 in the state’s total from 46989 villages 37744 villages have been electrified.

    Land Records (Bhulekh) Web Portal of Orissa under National Land Record Modernization Program (NLRM) OR Computerization of Land Records (CLR)
    A project was launched Computerization of Land Records (bhulekh) / CLR was launched in 1988-89 for overcome internal shortcomings in manual system of maintenance and update of land records. In year 1997-98 this scheme was extended to tehsil levels so that the land owners can get their land records on their demands. The focus of the complete operation will always use the latest technology for country’s existing land records system to transform and accessible. The second important project means to strengthen revenue administration and updation of land records (SRA & ULR) was started in 1988-89 so that the States and Union Territories in the maintenance of land records to update, strengthen and assist in setting up the survey can be given and settlement organizations and training infrastructure survey, survey and settlement operations to be modernized and strengthened revenue machinery. The main objectives of the MMP activity in the country is to make modernize land records system.

    Ø Completion of the computerization of the records of rights (RORs)

    Ø Digitization of maps and land records updated

    Ø Using modern technology, survey / resurvey including aerial photogrammetric

    Ø Registration computerization

    Ø Automatic generation of mutation notices

    Ø Capacity building and training of the relevant authorities and officials

    Ø Land records and registration offices and modern record rooms / tehsil / taluk / circle / block-level connectivity between land records management centers.

    Services provided by NLRMP:
    Ø The availability of real-time record

    Ø Single window service or web - enabling "anytime, anywhere, the ability to use

    Ø Property owners for the use of free and confidential records

    Ø Stamp duty and registration fee payment through banks

    Ø A drastic reduction in time to get ROR

    Ø Automatic and automated mutations

    Ø Due to the significant decline in headline findings litigation

    Ø No records tampering

    Ø E - Linkage Credit Facility

    Ø The availability of information on the website of the market value

    Ø To qualify for the government program on land (income, occupation, race, etc.) depending on the availability of certificates

    Ø With relevant information to facilitate the issuance of pass books

    Check Online Bhulekh / Land Records in Orissa / Land Records Web Portal of Odisha State
    Land Reform (LR) division two Centrally Sponsored Schemes namely computerization of land records (CLR) and the strengthening of revenue administration and updating land records (SRA and ULR) was implemented. Later on 21.08.2008 the cabinet has approved plans to merge in a revised plan, called the National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP). The main object of NLRMP system were to provide updated land records, automatic mutation, text related and integration between local records, revenue and correlate the registration, deeds registration and their estimated current proprietary system and the interrelations of registration regarding the present deeds registration and changes of ownership conclusive including estimated ownership guarantee.

    The NLRMP has 3 major components – (a) computerization of land records (b) survey / resurvey (c) computerization of registration. The program has been in the district as the unit, where all program activities changes. It is expected that all districts in the country will be covered by the end of the 12th Plan, while the first cadastral map will not include the area being surveyed.

    The Orissa bhulekh official website is also covered under the NLRMP programme. The official website of is developed and designed by the national informatics center (NIC) team with the coordination of revenue department of Odisha state. As per the official website in total 30 districts and 317 tahasil data and records are available for 2413 RI circles for 51656 villages with total 14506861 numbers of khatiyans, 54253470 plots and 31846037 tenants. For saving time and money of farmers and land owners the revenue department started this web portal so that people can avoid visiting in tahasil offices again and again to check the information related their property. The official website has given two options with ROR VIEW and MAP VIEW. Here in the below given step by step procedure I am going to let you know both of systems to get your complete details of land records. You can get all the steps with the image demo but after all the procedure if you are having any problem you can contact us.

    Ø Procedure for ROR View Ø
    @: STEP ONE –
    First you will have to visit on the official website of where in the home page you can direct get the option to search your ROR online. In this section first you will have to select your district name, tahasil name, village name and RI Circle. You also will have to select the option through which you want to get your ROR from the options of khatiyan, plot or tenant name. After selecting all the options you will have to click first ROR Front Page and then ROR Back Page. See the below given demo image for selecting all the information in first step.


    @: STEP TWO –
    Here in ROR front page you can check complete details of your land online in Orissa bhulekh. After checking the details you can click to the option of ROR Back Page or also can click to the option of Khatiyan Page option. You also can get the option to take printout of the front page of your khatiyan online. Check the below given demo image for checking the ROR front page on the bhulekh Orissa official website.


    @: STEP THREE –
    Same as this you if you will select the option of ROR Back page you can get the back side of your ROR bhulekh in Odisha. If you will click to the khatiyan option it will redirect you on the home page again to ROR View where you will have to select again your khatiyan. Same as this you also can search details of your property by the plot number and by tenant name.

    Ø Procedure for Map View (Bhu-Naksha of Bhulekh) Ø
    0= Step One –
    First you will have to visit on the same official website where in the home page upper right side section you can get the option with Map View. This option will redirect you in a new page section in link. Here as same of home page first you will have to select your district name, tahasil name, village name, RI circle and plot number. After selecting all these information you have to click on the option of view map. See the below given demo image for the first step of this page to get the bhu naksha in Odisha.


    0= Step Two –
    After giving and filling all the information you can get the map of your village with plot numbers. Here you can check your plot number. You also can save this map as the PDF file for your personal uses. Apart from this on the same map page you can get the option of Show Single Plot, Show All Plot Owner (Multiple Pages) and Show Layers. You can select any of the option to check your land (bhulekh) in Orissa online. See the below given demo image of map which you will get for your own land.


    Here we had provided you complete details regarding to checking your land records (bhulekh) in Odisha through the online mode of official website in Before using the official website we suggest you to read all the terms and conditions (important instructions) below.

    Important Instructions
    Ø is the only official website of Revenue Department under the State Government of Orissa to provide the online land records (bhulekh) for citizens so do not visit or trust on any other website to check your details of property online.

    Ø If the website is not working properly refresh your page or open the website in other browser as Mozilla or Internet Explorer. If still the website is not working in that case wait for some time because sometimes due to heavy traffic on the website the software stops working.

    Ø This website has provided all the information in the in Odia language. There is no any other language option is provided by the department on the online software to check the land record details online. So do not trust any other website to check any kind of information in English or any other language.

    Ø Do not provide your personal information or property information apart from the official persons (tehsil office / SDM office / DM office / Revenue Department office). Avoid work process through the brokers or middleman.

    Ø Do not pay any type of money for showing your land records online to any person or cyber café. This information on the official website of has been provided free for citizens. Also for any kind of settlement do not trust on any other person in this case contact to the legal person or official person of department.

    Ø All the information of ROR (rights of records) on the Odisha Bhulekh website is provided online with the help of NIC team under the state government. If you are not able to get your village data no need to worry. The revenue department is updating their data day by day and uploading more villages very soon.

    Ø All the information on this IndianReaders.Com website is given after research and taking help through the departmental person. If you found any kind of error on the website the department or IRteam is not responsible. Also IRteam is not responsible to provide any kind of hard / soft copy document related to your property through online or offline mode.

    Ø All the information on this IndianReaders.Com website is reserved under the copyright act law. If any person / organization found using this information for personal benefits will be charges under the copy right act and will have to face the legal action by IRteam.

    Ø In case of any type of help related to your records and property related issues visit to the nearest tehsildar office and submit your complaint. You also can submit your comment below if you want any kind of help from our side.

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