Uttar Pradesh: Check Online Land Records Bhu-Naksha Search Plot Owner Name, Land Map, Bhulekh UP

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    Uttar Pradesh – land records
    Land records are important documents for every person. it can be provided by the revenue department of Uttar Pradesh state. They can provide register facility, land records and map of this state. They can provide online portal name as BHULEKH. It can fully online portal which can provide land records to user in computerize form. It can contain details in Hindi language. User needs to select all given details then land records will provide him. Online portal will design and developed by the national informatics center. They can maintain this portal so it can run without any error. But all details in portal will provided by the concerned department. They can insert all new records as per user requirements. If user not found their land details in portal so user need to visit to revenue department office with land proof. Most of user wants online services it can save their time and provide result in short time. It is very help full documents for that user who can live in other state but land in same state. They can check all land details in any working days 24 x 7 days. So check all given details here.

    //procedure for online land records//
    For land records user need to carry their land proof documents with her.

    Land records online

    Enter following details here: -

    Select district where you live

    Select Tehsil

    Select village name

    Click on next button.

    Select khata nakal: - by khasra/ by khata/ by name

    Enter details in one option.

    Click on the search button.
    It can provide land records in the computerized form. Take print out if details are corrected about land records.

    For more information about land records then contact to revenue department office in your locality with land proof documents.
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    where to check the complete details regarding to the plot by using the owner name in up bhulekh official website.
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    i need my property information on the website of bhulekh uttar pradesh. what i have to do for that.
    My no .8923687212
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  4. my bhu naksha is not showing what to do.
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    my property papers original copies are lost what to do. can i go to the tehsil office.
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    Hi there,
    I am trying Bhulekh website - and when I run for Philibhit and Puranpur, it just hangs and does not work.
    Can you please help me and find out what is the issue.
    Kamran Khan
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    I want to check the land record details of my property in ghaziabad. what is the process for mutation and dakhila kharij in our land.
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  8. Sir I want to khetawni But is nat open Please Tell me The problem
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    how to get the complete details of bhulekh in azamgarh online in bhulekh website.
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    Maunathe bhnjen. please provide land details and property owner name. where i can check it online.
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    search my land details online and provide me bhu naksha of my site.
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    i need to get the bhu naksha map digital copy of my land in Bulandshahar Uttar Pradesh. Is it possible to get soft copy to download online.
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    for land records, you need to visit in given link: -

    you need to enter correct details here.
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    my plot number is 410. where i can get the map and complete owner information
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    can i get the complete map list of Phoolpur area to download the map online through website of up bhulekh
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    bhulekh land records search for our village area.
    kunar bharti
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    i want to download the bhu naksha of our village map to check details of our land.
    Atul babu
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    Ghazipur district land details of owner name with plot number search.
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    अपने जिले में प्लाट नंबर द्वारा जमीन की जानकारी कैसे मिलेगी?
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    भूलेख की वेबसाइट से खतौनी तथा नक्शा कैसे निकला जा सकता है।
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    the website is not opening. I am not able to check the property information through the up bhulekh website.
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