Uttar Pradesh: Check Online Land Records/Khata Nakal/Khatoni/UP Bhulekh, Bhunaksha Download by District/Village/Tehsil/Village or Owner Name

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    How to Check Land Records/ Khatoni/ Bhulekh/ Khata in Uttar Pradesh: Bhulekh, Government of Uttar Pradesh
    Bhulekh is a service provided by state government. It is one of best services which is to be provided by Government of Uttar Pradesh. The Bhulekh portal provides all kinds of land records and many other details of property in UP state. The Bhuleklh portal is introduced by NIC (National Informatics Centre) for government of Uttar Pradesh for providing service of checking land records online. But till know all districts, tehsils information is not provided online/ uploaded by department. But soon department will provide you all land records of all districts/ tehsils are to be uploaded. Through this online service of checking land records you need to visit to Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh portal. The portal provides you land records by three options as Khasara Number/ Khata Number/ By Name, user can check their land records by option. This portal is always under vision of officers so that no one can misuse this portal. The copy of land record is taken from this portal is only used for personal purpose not for official purpose. Below we provide you detailed steps for checking land records online. Before applying carefully check all details.​

    @# Name of Organization: - UP Online Bhulekh
    @# Name of Service: - Procedures for Checking Bhulekh Online
    @# Location of Organization: - Uttar Pradesh

    **Procedures for Checking Land Records in the State of Uttar Pradesh **
    Checking land records know becomes easy. Now, citizens you can check your land records online. The government of Uttar Pradesh provides online service of checking land records. The land record department provides copy of account, district wise list of villages, details of all villages and describes types of land information. Below we provide simple and easy steps for checking land records online are as follows:
    1. First Step: user for checking land records you need to visit to official portal of Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh or click on below given link for directly visiting to Bhulekh portal.
    2. Second Step: after clicking on above given link. on this portal, select following information:
    (a) Select District Name
    (b) Select Tehsil Name
    (c) Select First Letter of Village Name
    (d) Select Village Name

    3. Third Step: after filling all above details click on Next option. Next it will take you on next page.

    4. Forth Step: on next page, there you will be provided three options for checking land records:
    (a) By Khasara Number
    (b) By Khata Number
    (c) By Name

    5. Fifth Step: select any one option for checking land records. If you select Khasara Number then enter Khasara Number, if you select Khata Number then enter Khata Number and if you select third option then enter name of owner of land.

    6. Sixth Step: after completing all above procedures you will be able to check details of your land records. You can take print of your land record.

    ** Important Instruction for Checking Land Records in Uttar Pradesh ***
    Before checking land records online in Uttar Pradesh State check all important instruction which are given below:
    1. User for checking land records visit to or website. The Bhulekh Uttar Pradesh or Up online portal are official portals which provides land records details. Do not visit to any other portal to check land records; they may misuse your personal information.

    2. At the time of checking land records, carefully fill all details. The Bhulekh portal is every time is under vision of experts or officers, so do not try to misuse this portal to check any other person land records.

    3. After checking land records, print of land records is to be taken from this portal is used only for personal purpose. The print out cannot be used for any official purpose.

    4. For using this portal, do not need any valid mobile number or e mail id. People those who want to check all details can easily check by following above given procedures.

    Dear guest, we hope that you get an appropriate answer for your query. We try to give you best answers for your queries. We were happy to help you. Thank you for visiting on our website. We work 24/7 to give you best services, if you are satisfy /like by your answer, then please give your support.
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    Rahamatpur bilhaur kanpur
    Nagar up
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    my land info is not mentioned on the online records. i tried so many times. may be revenue department officers made some mistake. please tell them to add my property information also.
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    please check the details of my property in bhulekh website. thank you
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    how we can get the list of all issued ration cards in Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh UP
    Prasad sadar
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    please provide me the details of bhulekh at Rajwant kour vill
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    gorakhpur district land record bhulekh website is not showing.
    jameen ki jankari kese prapt hogi online site pe
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    Korana chmrua
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    एटा जिले में अपनी जमीन का भू-नक्शा कैसे डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं?
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    Where We can get the complete information regarding to our village area land of government. Can we check the govt property in online website of UP Bhulekh.
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    what all we have to follow the step to download nakal copy online without going in tehsil office. thank you.
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    please search the land with plot number in bhulekh website of uttar pradesh.
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    Pls reply me how to get my land old benama copy
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    send me the land record details with the khata number.
    Deoria deoria kurmippatti
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    India Distek Deoria naksa
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    please let me know the way to get the gorakhpur land records and bhu naksha nakal.
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    my property information need to search in the website.
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    Neeraj devi sharma bareilly
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    Jagan Nawabganj great
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    एटा जिले का नक्शा ऑनलाइन देखना है कृपया लिंक दें।
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