Uttar Pradesh: Online Land Record, Bhulekh UP, Khata-Khatauni Search with Khasara Number & Owner Name, Download Fard Village/District Wise & Complaint Registration

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    Strong Action by State Government Revenue Department for Illegal Possession
    Now the district magistrate and state administration is too serious to remove illegal possession from chakmarg. As per the last meeting held with all sub-district collectors and tehsildars the state administration instructed to all officers for starting special campaign which will start from 15 to 30 April to oust illegal possession holders in any costs. In camp office on last Friday, district magistrate of Sidharth Nagar district said that right now wheat harvesting work is under process. The farm will be empty in about 10 days. He also instructed to all sub-collectors to start campaign to evict the illegal possession in their respective talukas till 15 to 30 April. If farm has been illegally occupied by another illegal occupation then the all sub-collectors has responsibility to return that land back to real owner. Sub collectors also instructed to take strong steps for this. The district magistrate also directed to tehsildars for collecting all dues from 15 April. Recovery proceedings should be made to complete harmony. According to the election commission of India directive revising the electoral rolls of the feed function have undertaken to complete in all talukas until this month.

    Khata-Khatauni Distribution Work Started for Farmers
    The district administration started to provide khatauni to farmers from Monday this month in Maitha tehsil and in first day the tehsil office distributed 253 khata-khatonis. Now the farmers can avoid their visits to Akabarpur or Rasulabad tehsils to get their khata-khatauni which will give them relief. Newly created Maitha tehsil recently have been included 102 villages. Last year on 15 August the tehsil work started in a private school building in Sambalpur village. Due to not having systems and computers in Bhulekh tehsil office was unable to be issued khatauni and farmers were forced to visit in Akbarpur and Rasulabad tehsil offices. Hence, in this case farmers were wasting their money and time both. After farmers demand in previous days 3 computers were made available to the bhulekh office. Now the khatauni issuance work is started in same bhulekh office. In non availability of computer operator in bhulekh office the lekhpal (accountant) has been associated. After which in the supervision of tehsil officials 253 khatauni was released for farmers. Tehsildar of bhulekh office said that the interested farmers now can get the khatauni after paying the fixed fees for it during office hours.

    Uttar Pradesh (UP) Government Started Steps for Stopping Corruption in Collector Office
    Corruption is the biggest problem for largest state Uttar Pradesh. It’s very difficult for state government to stop the corruption in govt offices. But state government is improving their skills to catch corruption guilty officers and take legal actions against them. As per the report by a newspaper last year on complaint of a person the anti – correction team caught rad-handed taking bribes to bulekh collector office DLRC clerk in collectorate canteen. After the paperwork the team handed the lipik over to sadar police. A lawsuit is being prepared to be written. Thana Banda area village resident Ravinder Singh said that he was loading his tractor trolley with soil from farm in same village. The farm owner was also having the soil mining permits but Puwayan police had seized hold of his tractor – trolley. Then he started the paperwork to release his tractor. The victim started to go to the SDM FR office. The clerk posted in the office demanded a bribe of ten thousand rupees for releasing his tractor trolley. Then he began to seek a number of anti corruption team. Somehow he found the number of Bareilly team. He contacted the team. The team came to town several times, but nothing found. After few days evening time was set for meeting with clerk and victim. He called to the lipik and said that he want’s to meet reading to issue of permission to release his tractor – trolley and he arranged all money as per demand. Victim called him to come in Collectorate canteen. Two people of anti – corruption team already sitting in the canteen. At the time of handing over money to clerk the team arrested him and brought him to Sadar Thana. After doing paperwork team handed him over to police. The lawsuit is being prepared to be written against him. Anti corruption Bareilly in-charge inspector arrested to clerk of bhulekh office after the permission of DM. As on this incidence now all the officers of government are under fare and now the state government of UP reduced corruption level.

    Now Fill Complaint or Appeal Online
    Did the public information officer not responding you for complaint or did he gave you wrong or half information? Did first appellate authority is not listing your problem? Of course, now you must be thinking of the first appeal or complaint. If the case is connected to the central department then you will have to come to the central information commission. If you belong to the Bihar, Uttar Pradesh or remote area in that case could be difficult for you to come to Delhi frequently. But now to lodge a complaint or second appeals with central information commission no need to come again and again in office. Now you can directly submit your complaint or second appeal online through CIC online service. For lodge complaint or second appeal in CIC you have to submit the application form through website. After filling the form your complaint or appeal will be lodge. Actually this system is a part of India’s e-governance plan. Now the CIC complaint through the website or second appeal can be lodged. Not even only this you can get the information about the present status of your appeal or complaint, the action taken or not by sitting at your home. For submitting the second appeal website will ask you the register provisional number. You can get the information of CIC decision, causes lists, can also check the status of your appeal or complaint online through website. This move is seen as an important step towards transparency and accountability in government operations. After the enactment of right to information act was being constantly demand that the system be online RTI applications and appeals, so that right to information could easily reach out to people and applicant did not suffer or get any difficulty for information.

    How to Check Online Land Records in Uttar Pradesh / Bhulekh Khata Nakal with Khasra, Khata Number or Owner Name
    The Uttar Pradesh state government revenue department started online website to check the land record details online for citizens. Now the farmers and property owners can avoid their visits in office and can get the land records online without paying any type of money to officials. Here we are going to let you know step by step in below section with demo images that how can you get the land records / bhulekh / bhu – abhilekh of your land with using the khata number, khasara number or by using the owner’s name of land. The website is given this information on the official website with the village, pargana, tehsil, district name, crop year (fasali varsh) and part (bhag).

    First go to the official website of where in the home page you can get the options to select first your district name, tehsil name, first letter of village name and village name. As for the demo I am selecting first district name as Amethi, Tehsil Name also Gauriganj, First Village Name as Achal Pur as per below.



    Now you can see the new page as per the below image. In this new page section of bhulekh up website first you will have to select the option to get the Khata Nakal (Land Records Account Copy). In this section you can select one options from the With Khasara Number (Khasra Sankhya Dwara), With Khata Number (Khata Sankhya Dwara) and With Owner Name (Naam Dwara). As per the below demo you have to enter the khata number or khasara number.


    If you are not having any detail of khasara or khata number in that case click on the option of “with owner name” in which you can get the option like below given demo. In this name option you have to use virtual keyboard to write name. Check below given image to write name in Hindi language.



    After all process and filling name in Hindi you will have to click on the button of “Search Record / Udharan Dekhen”. This option will give you khata details as per the below given demo with complete information. After checking the information you can take the printout. If you want to check any other details click to the home button in upper side of page.


    Here we provided you complete step by step procedure to check the land records in BHULEKH UP website. If you want any other help from our side feel free to submit your comment below and we will provide you complete step by step procedure regarding that. Before going to use the official website of BHULEKH department read the below given instructions.

    Important Instructions for Using Bhulekh UP Official Website
    Ø is the official website of bhulekh department in Uttar Pradesh to get the online land records in digital copy. Do not use any other website to get any type of soft or hard copy of your property.

    Ø Do not provide your person and property information apart from the official person to search your khasra, khata or land map. You can visit to tehsil office if you are not able to track your village data to get the bhulekh copy.

    Ø This website of bhulekh is designed by the national informatics center team of state. Maybe some of village data is not uploaded yet as the revenue department is working day by day for uploading all villages’ data on site so you can start checking your khatauni online very soon.

    Ø You will have to use virtual keyboard which is attach with the software of bhulekh online for selecting any name or filling any number to search your online land records in Uttar Pradesh.

    Ø The online copy of land records through the BHULEKH website is only provided for personal use and to get information about your land with area. This is not a official document to use any type of legal purposes.

    Ø In case you found any data, area dimension or information is missing in your land record, in that case, contact your nearest tehsil office and ask to official person for providing you copy of your property papers.

    Ø IndianReaders.Com website is a free informational website which has main object to provide all kinds of procedures and government services step by step in one portal. The team of website is not responsible to provide you any type of hard or soft copy data related to your property.

    Ø In case you found any illegal action in property in that case take the legal help and suggestion through patwari or lawyer. You also can submit your online complaint as per above given process.

    Ø Complete information on this page is taken after research and following steps along with the help of departmental person. If any website / company / person found using this information for personal benefits will be charged under the copyright laws and IndianReaders.Com team can take legal action against them.
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    Upbhulekh need to download the copy of my map to check the area.
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    hello all respected team members,
    i bought a plot in ghaziabad few year back. the builder said that the mutation works are stopped due to the election time. after giving the token money and making agreement i went to dubai for my job works. when i came back he said that plot is already sold to other person. he said that i was waited you for long time. but as per the agreement still i am having date for making mutation of my plot. please help and and advise me any legal procedure or steps for it. i want to buy that land and already made payment. also he refusing me to pay the money back. please tell what i have to do now?
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    Punavasi pal
    check the property information by the plot owner name.
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    please provide the property information checking system of Badaun online through the up bhulekh website.
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    Tahsil Sultanpur vill karnaipur
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    please old website ki link batana purana data dekhana hai. new website me bhulekh ki purani jankari nhi hai
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    mene 2 saal pehle jameen khareedi thi laal dora ki ghaziabad me. us time mene sare kagaj apne naam karwa liye the. phir main jharkhand chala gaya. ab wapas aya hu. us jameen par kabja ho rakha hai kaha shikayat karu.
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    bhulekh website is not working and not showing the information about my plot. where i can get the complete details with the plot number
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    district name Deoria. where i can check my village data and land records information. i want to download the bhulekh online and bhu naksha also.
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    how to get the bhulekh copy online
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    where we can search the details for new property buy owners
    Chitrakoot karwi
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    Jila Chitrakoot tahsheel rajapur
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    i need to get my district map to download please provide the procedure
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    i want to get the land details of my village in Farkabad. can we are able to download the map of our property through the up bhulekh website.
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    Where can we download the plot information regarding to the Dist firkhabad and nakal of jameen through up bhulekh department. thanks.
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    we are looking to buy new land in the up state ghaziabad. can we check the property information in the government website and plot owner name through using the plot number only so that we can get the conformation before buying the plot that it is safe to invest our money or not.
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    No bhulekh detail of Diastrict of Unnao is available at web site. How long I
    have to wait for the same. please inform .
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    Please load the details for Unnao district, villages asap.
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    please provide the property information checking system of Badaun online through the up bhulekh website.
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    how to get the map of Unnao online in bhulekh website.
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    Where do I check the owner name in the property papers? provide the complete procedure here.
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