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    How to File Complaint Online: Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation
    The Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation is a corporation of self governed which was established under the provisions of the Bombay Provincial Municipal Act, 1949. The municipal corporation is established for providing several services such as applying for birth certificate/ death certificate/ marriage certificate/ shop license. The Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation also developed a web portal through which corporation provides e- services to all citizens. The corporation manages all sanitary responsibility of state. The Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation (BMC) is well known for managing city Bhavnagar by using provides sector participation. The city developed and introduced several plans for improving services and nullify gap between services and demands. The BMC is administered by Commissioner and in this he is helped by Deputy Commissioner (General), Deputy Commissioner (Admin.) and City Engineer. The commissioner of Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation is Shri Jai Prakash Shivahare, IAS. All the responsible of corporation is managed by commissioner. The BMC provides a web portal for using e- service provided by BMC. The web portal also provides service of filing complaint online. For filing complaint online you need to visit to official portal of Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation. On this portal, click on link of complaint and file complaint online. Or you can also file complaint by visiting to office of Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation. Below we provide you steps for filing complaint or contact details of office of Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation.

    @# Name of Organization: - Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation
    @# Name of Service: - Procedures for Filing Complaint Online
    @# Location of Organization: - Gujarat

    ** Procedures for Filling Complaint Online Via Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation **
    Citizen if at the time of using any service f Bhavnagar municipal Corporation web portal then you can file compliant relating to your complaint. The web portal also provides service of filing online complaint. The steps for applying for complaint online are as follows:
    1. For filing complaint first you need to visit to official portal of Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation or click on below link:
    2. Click on above link for Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation home page. On home page, click on Complaint Registration link. it will further proceed you on next page:
    3. On this page, you need to enter all details as:
    (a) Enter Your Carpet Assekey Number
    (b) Enter Date
    (c) Enter Complainer’s Address
    (d) Enter Phone Number
    (e) Select Complaint Department
    (f) Enter E- Mail ID
    (g) Enter Name
    (h) Enter Mobile Number
    (i) Select Ward Number
    (j) Select Complain Type
    (k) Enter Complaint Details with Address

    4. Recheck all details, if any details is found wrong then click on Reset button and if all details are correct and true then click on Save and Print button.

    5. Next submit complaint form to Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation office. Below we provide you contact detail of Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation.

    ** Procedures for Checking Status of Application of Complaint **
    After filing your complaint, you can also check status of your complaint. Below we provide you steps for checking status of application of complaint:
    1. First visit to Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation web portal from here:
    2. Next on this web portal click on Online Complaint link, it will provide you a new page. There are given three options as Login, Check Status, Complain against solved complain. It will open a new page:
    3. Enter your complaint number and click on Search button and check all details relating to your complain.

    ** Contact Details of Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation **
    Citizen if you would not receive any reasonable steps for solving your complaint or would not receive any response relating to your query or problem then you can visit to office of Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation:
    Name of Department: Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation
    Address: Sir Mangal Sinhji Road, Near Kalanala, Bhavnagar
    State: Gujarat
    Telephone Number: 2424801 (STD Code- 0278)
    Pin Code: 364001
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    From Sahil P Shah Advocate Bhavnagar
    I Required Information FOr Catch The Animal From Road After Order given by court you have Catch 164 Animal why without court order you have not done i required information under THE RTI Act 2005
    From 01/04/2010 TO Till Date How Many animal capt by you department Since 01/04/2010 to till date with detail and also you have purchased vehicle for this animal catching on which date you have purchase Vehicle and how many Satff Member in this department Who is The manager
    Kindly give information Under THR RTI ACT 2005

    From Sahil P Shah Advocate (Office NO G 19 Aristo Complex Wahgawadi Road Bhavnagar Cell NO 9825612825
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    Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation

    Sir Mangal Sinhji Road,

    Near Kalanala,

    Bhavnagar, Gujarat - 364001.

    Dear Sirs,

    VITCOS bus service should introduce bus service from Gurukul Sahjananad School, Akwada to city and other routes. Now Akwada area is merged with Bhavnagar Municipality and there shouldn't be any obstacle to ask VITCOS to ply buses from Akwada area to other city destinations. At present the students, diamond cutters, carpenters/mason/plumber, pedestrians and senior citizens are at the mercy of the autorickshaws. ST bus mostly doesn't stop when we show hands. Many people working in private and government offices are unable to reach their offices well in time as no municipal/VITCOS conveyance facility. is currently available. Auto people are often raising their fares to the discomfort and chagrin of the passengers and they pack the rickshaws with overload of passengers. I humbly request your office to ask VITCOS to ply many buses with good frequency to ease the difficulties of inhabitants of our area. I will be indeed grateful if you could initiate prompt action in this regard,. Let the new year 2017 give Akwada residents this conveyance facility. This facility would help in uplifting our Akwada which is crying for some comforts.

    P Balakrishnan

    170, Geetanagar

    Opp. Sahjanand Gurukul School

    Ghogha Road

    Bhavnagar 364 001

    Mob. 8460465646

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    What is Carpet Assekey Number?? Where can I find it??
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