Assam: Apply Online for Change/Modification/Correction in Voter ID Card Address, Electoral Roll Application Form 8A Download & Documents

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    Assam – change address in voter ID card

    Within same assembly constituency citizens can change their address in voter ID card. This service is provided by the chief electoral officer of Assam state. They can provide all service to user for electoral roll. For this form 8 A is provided by the concerned department with procedures and document proof. Citizens also carry form 8 A from online website of C.E.O. it can avail all time so user can easily all for voter card services. Here user can check all type of application form in which some forms are 6 for name include, form 8 for correction, form 8 A for change address within same assembly constituency. In last page of every form some instruction are given with documents proof. This portal will provided by the national informatics center. But all content here will given by the concerned department. They can insert here new details for voter card services. The portal name as national voter service portal, it can contain all details in computerize form. Citizens need to select options here of form 8 A and enter their details for change address.

    //Procedure for change address voter ID card//
    • Applicant can apply if they can change address in within same assembly constituency.
    • Take some address proof at time of use these services.

    --Documents require--
    • Form 8 A for change address
    • Passport size photograph
    • Voter ID card
    • Citizens proof certificate
    • Address proof (for new address which is print here)

    --Form 8 A is here--

    First read given form and then enter all correct details mention here: -

    Paste here you passport size photograph
    Enter assembly constituency name

    1. Enter details of person whose entry is to be transposed
    2. Enter place of present ordinary residence(full address)
    3. Enter period of continues residence at the above address on the date of application
    4. Enter part number in which address need to be transposed
    5. Details of applicant
    6. Read all given declaration form and enter correct details.
    7. Enter e mail id and mobile number for receive alerts

    --Where to submit form--
    • Citizens need to Form 8 A with all supporting document to C.E.O/ B.L.O office. OR
    • Applicant can apply for new voter ID card

    After apply take you application number or receipt copy. It can help to check application status of form is process or not.
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