Check Status of Certificate by Application Number in TG MeeSeva Website of Telangana

  1. CSC101512/CND021707352600. Where Can I Check Status of Certificate by Application Number in TG MeeSeva Website of Telangana? I am having the registration number so can I just use that to download the copy of my certificate.
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    Hello Sir,

    As per given number of your transaction number/application id here we are providing you the status regarding your certificate. Please note down it. If you need any kind of more help feel free to submit your comment below.

    Transaction Details
    Transaction Id: TTCND021707352600
    Application No: CND021707352600
    Transaction Date: 25/02/2017
    Amount: 35
    Status: Not Viewed
    Remarks: NA

    Approved/Rejected Date: NA
    Print Date: NA
    Printed By: NA
    Franchise Id/ VLE Id: CSC101512-1
    Mandal: Palvoncha

    You also can check it through the official portal of Telangana MeeSeva Department by visiting in link.
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    Hello sir I got the message from meeseva that by BC e certificate is rejected when I went to ask they were saying that I have to submit any certificate of my family member ....But i am the first in my family to make this ..Or they want my relatives from my father's side... He said me that shaikpet mandal is not issuing without any proof
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    check the ration card status online in website. please tell the procedure of it.
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    how to income apply for iam submit forms sir
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