Clash of Clans Guide: COC Problems after Update in 2016 Don't Upgrade Town-Hall to Get Loot, After Reaching in Next TH Level Loot will Reduce

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    Hi COC Players,

    I am also a regular player of COC and not stuck in TH 8. Here I will suggest you not to increase the town hall level because it will reduce your loot and you will get hard opponent. I just upgraded my town-hall. All players who are already in TH 8 they are too old player and they got good loot at their time. As after the update of new COC some rules, algorithm and loot calculation is changed. As from now you can face the following problems:

    Problem 1 - Farming mode stopped by supercell
    Game is now updated in 2016 with some new things like from now you can't put your town-hall without any protection. As before I used to keep my TH outside of village, resources and defense so that I can get frequently shields back to back. It is called the farming mode. As per the COC Team they stopped the farming mode bases so that the supercell company can force us for playing clash of clans frequently. This is very bad and lot's of players are quitting this game as I am also thinking for it.

    Problem 2 - Players are not getting good loot
    This is the major problem almost every player is facing. No one is getting good loot. Because now every player is facing high upgraded army attacks in their villages. Every high level troops player is attacking on the low coc player to get good loot. But all are investing their elixirs and coins in defense, walls and troop upgrades so that they can avoid the high level army attacks in their villages. Now everyone is keeping their town - hall under the good defense. After this event players are not getting trophies and because of that they are not getting good opponent. This is such worst update and supercell wants us to play their clash of clans game day night.

    Problem 3 - Keeping town-hall safe to save coins, dark elixir and elixir
    This is another major problem which is also every player is facing I think. As I mentioned above in problem 1 that now farming mode is stopped and you will have to keep your town-hall inside with protection of good defense. The reason of behind this is now the every TH is containing 25% of coins and elixir collection inside it. For example if you are having 100000 elixir, 10000 dark dark elixir and 100000 coins and someone attacked on your village but he didn't reached till your town-hall your 25000 elixir, 2500 dark elixir and 25000 coins will be saved inside your TH. Same as this if you will attack in any village and you didn't reached till town hall the defense player will also can save it's 25% of total loot.

    Problem 4 - Shield braking and guard mode
    As on my experience I used to play the clash of clans in my free time as I am working person. 40% of coc players are in adult category means they are working somewhere or having jobs. I always played this game before as on the farming mode which means I always keeped my TH outside of base so that I can get frequently shields. But now their is no chance left that you can get shield. Which means if someone will destroy your village badly only in that case you will get the shield. Now you will not gonna break your shield because if you will do that someone will attach in your village again with powerful and high upgraded troops. However the supercell gave a relaxation to clash of clans (coc) player which is, you can break your shield whenever you want but after getting full 15 hours shield if you will attack first time it will reduce 5 hours from your shield time which means after that your village will left with 10 hours shield time. Same as this if you will attack second time 4 hours, in third time 3 hours. That means if someone destroyed your village 100% and you got 15 hours shield I think you not gonna break it because after 2-3 attacks you can face again powerful attacks in your coc village and to get shield again you will have to wait that someone will attack you which I think you are not going to do. The supercell also started the new mode called guard mode I think which is also not so impressive. After breaking the shield you will get few minutes as guard mode time which means in that time no one will attack in your village. Now think with logic mind - "You can't attack with small troops because you want loot and for loot you need powerful troops like dragons, golem, wizards, pekka etc. type. How you can train your these high level troops in just few guard mode minutes." That is really funny.

    Supercell thought they just made awesome update which I don't think working! Every player whom I know are not agree and not playing comfortably. I will suggest you not to upgrade your town hall because as per my personal experience you will not gonna get the loot and you will have to face more powerful attackers in your clash of clans village.
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