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    Uttarakhand state, which was earlier known as Uttaranchal is situated in the North India and covered with Tibet, China, Nepal and also covered with Indian state U.P., Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. In November, 2000, the Uttarakand state was formed and separated from UP Uttar Pradesh. Dehradun, a capital of Uttarakhand state, is a biggest city of the state. The state is administered by the respected Chief Minister, Cabinet ministers and by a Governor appointed by the President of India. The states is divided into two divisions naming Kumaon and Garhwal and into 13 Districts. The districts are further divided into Sub – Division, and sub-division includes block which holds panchayat and towns.

    After the invention of Uttarakhand State in 2000, the Uttarakhand Government had started the computerization of land record with the help of National Informatics Centre (NIC). The common people or the farmers can easily get the details of their land record / ROR without giving so much time from anywhere across the country. Digitization of land records keep the all data updated and it is time saving system. Citizen can check the information of land records in all thirteen districts of the State and achieve the information from the ‘Tehsil Land Records Centre’ of the village.

    Here, I am giving you the steps of checking Land Record /Khatauni/ ROR in Uttarakhand state

    Steps of Getting Land Record/Khatauni/ROR:

     First of all the user have to go to the official website :

     Select the District Name from the selection box (like if you own a land in Dehradun District then select it)

     Then select the Tehsil name from the drop down box (like select Vikasnagar)

     Then click on ‘OK’ button

     You will see the various options, (as per your selection like, Vikasnage Tehsil, have been selected )

     Now if you want to see your land record, then click on ‘Khatauni/ ROR (khate ki nakal) box.

     A new page with several options will be displayed

    i. Search by Khata No.

    ii. Search by Name

    iii. Search by Gata No.

     After selection of appropriate option, your village name will appear on the screen

     Now you can check your Khata No. and get Khatauni ROR/ Land Records

    The User can only get to know the status of their Khatauni/ land record online by visiting official page. If the user want the copy of their land record, they need to visit ‘Tehsil Land Record centre’ at your village.

    The user can also check the information of land village wise, you can also check the bar chart area wise account, different kind of land, code list of village, brief description of village.
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    where can i search the online property details with khata number and dakhila kharij process application form where i can download
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    i want to get the complete details about my land
  4. guest

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    Kotdwar balbhadra 4 number khata
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    search the plot information through using the number and owner name in the dev bhoomi official website.
    Pawan kumar
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    क्या जमीन के मालिक के नाम से जानकारी प्राप्त की जा सकती है ऑनलाइन.
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    how do we search the property details with the owner name online in the debhoomi website.
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    परिवार रजिस्ट्री की नक़ल कैसे मिलती है।
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    क्या जमीन के सरे कागज की कॉपी ऑनलाइन डाउनलोड की जा सकती है ?
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    मुझे अपनी जमीन की माप करवानी है पटवारी से।
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    4423 प्लाट नंबर खोजना है कहाँ खोज सकते हैं ?
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    तहसील ऑफिस में सभी जमीन से जुड़े मामले देखे जाते हैं ? हमारी जमीन पर गैर कानूनी कब्ज़ा किया जा रहा है।
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    Lal singh bag singh
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    kripaya jameen ka naam online dekhna hai.
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    Vijay Singh Tomar
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