dhbvn.org.in: Charges Needed to Deposit Along with New Connection of Electricity Fees Payment of Meter in Haryana for LT-HT Supply

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    dhbvn.org.in: - charges needed to deposit along with new connection

    Charges details are provided by the Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam in Haryana state of new connection. Consumer need to check this charges then apply here. It needed with application form; documents and process for apply differ type of connection related services. You need to check all details here then apply given services. They provide online and offline services to help their citizens. They need to check all details then apply here. Most of user wants online services it can save their time and provide result in short time. So check all services here then apply required one. They need to download application form in online portal which contain all information in computerize form. It contains different type of services about electricity so every consumer can read them. After form submits here successfully the application slip is given to user so they check status about form. It give result to user about their form is process or not. If not then contact to office in which form is submitted. They give here all reason like documents missing here, correction needed and other. You need to correct then or again apply with fresh application. This portal is open all 24 X 7 days so every person can apply here from their home, office or place in which they feel comfortable. They needed internet services and computer to access given web pages. Now check details here for make online payment options for single and multiple person. They ask for account number so check all and take print out of payment receipt here. For any help, user needs to call on their help line number. This number is avail to user in all working days so call here and get solution about their quires in same time. It designed and developed by the self. They can maintain portal so it runs without any error in different type of web browser with latest version. If old version is used here then some function will not work here. But all type of content here is avail by the concerned department. They can add here new details and remove old content here which not used by any person. For all type of notification you need to enter here mobile number with correct details. Read here list of FAQ which contain details on different topics?

    // charges needed to deposit along with new connection //

    Now check here all charges for new connection, you need to read all details then apply here.

    Charges with application form

    Applcaition processing charges is here (it is non refundable)
    @> Rs 10: - Connected load Up to 2 KW
    @> Rs 10, 000: - Above 2 kW Rs 20 per kW or part thereof subject to the maximum

    Charges and documents needed to deposit in compliance to demand notice
    1. Advance consumption deposit (For all consumers)
    2. Meter security charges (for Nigam Meter)
    3. Estimated cost for release of connection (wherever applicable)
    4. Option for self Execution of work (YES /NO)
    5. Fixed service connection charges (wherever applicable)
    6. Meter cupboard charges (For Nigam McB)
    7. Meter testing charges (For consumer meter)
    8. Additional service connection charges (wherever applicable)
    9. Supervision charges @ 1.5 % of Estimated cost (for self execution of work)
    10. Charges for the inspection of installation by C.E.I

    Documents needed for submit
    1. Test report form license for contactor for connection => 20 KW
    2. Self certificate of connected load for connection UP to 20 KW
    Category wise charges are given here: -

    @@Meter installation charges@@
    • RS 100: - Single Phase Meter
    • RS 200: - 3 Whole Phase‐Meters
    • RS 500: - 3 phase LT‐CT meter
    • RS 500: - 3 ‐Phase‐HT Meter
    @@Advance consumption deposit@@
    • RS 500: - Domestic Supply
    • RS 1000: - Non‐Domestic Supply
    • RS 1500: - Public Water works
    • RS 1000: - Lift Irrigation
    • RS 750: - MITC
    • RS 2000: - Street Lighting
    • RS 750: - HT Industrial Supply (Above 50 KW)
    • RS 500: - LT Industrial Supply (Up to 50 KW)
    • RS 100: - Agriculture Tube‐well Supply
    • RS 1000: - Bulk Domestic Supply (70 KW and above at 11 KV or above voltage)
    • RS 1000: - Independent Hoarding /Decorative Lightning
    • RS 1500: - Railway Traction
    • RS 1500: - DMRC
    • RS 1000: - Bulk Supply

    @@Meter testing charges@@
    • RS 90: -Single Phase Meter
    • RS 330: -Three Phase Whole Current Meter
    • RS 660: -LT‐CT Meter with CTs
    • RS 2500: -HT‐CT‐PT meter
    • RS 2000: -HT meter without CT/ PT
    @@Meter security charges@@
    • RS 906: -Single Phase Meter
    • RS 1940: -3 Whole Phase‐Meters
    • RS 2790: -3 phase LT‐CT meter
    • RS 3027: -3‐Phase‐HT Meter
    @@Meter cupboard charges@@
    • RS 250: -Single Phase Meter
    • RS 350: -3 Whole Phase‐Meters
    • RS 2500: -3 phase LT‐CT meter
    • RS 16000: -3‐Phase‐HT Meter

    User, check here all details for charges which is needed for connection. For any help, you need to contact to DHBVN office in your area.
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    Humne 21 january 2015 tube-well canection ke liye applai kiya tha kab tak no ayega sir
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    sir new connection water pump m kitna rs dene honge
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    can i get the information after payment. no notification yet sent to me.
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    for single phase 2kw load load new meter ke liye kya charg h
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    sir non domestic connection me kitna kharcha aayega
  7. sir. 6KW Domestic meter new connection k lie kitna kharcha ayega
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    i want to deposit the payment for new connection.
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    Name change ke liya kya charges ha
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    sir, how much money we have to pay in department to get a new electricity connection?
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    please tell the way to get the duplicate bill copy asap.
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