disabilityaffairs.gov.in: Post Matric Scholarship/PMS for Students with Disability or Physically Handicap-PH Category by General Conditions/Eligibility/Allowance List for Group 1/2/3/4

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    disabilityaffairs.gov.in: - Post matric scholarship for students with disability

    Post matric scholarship is given to students on their education based, merit and mark obtained in class. Students need to check all detail for applies post matric scholarship with disability. Some details like eligibility, befits and other details. This information is provided by the department of empowerment of person with disability, government of India. They provide all details about given services like how to apply, what type of scholarship is provided here and where to apply. All details avail here is necessary for citizens if they need to apply. User need to fill application form for post matric scholarship with all documents proof. The detail are enter here are found correct otherwise form is rejected here. Reason of form rejected is incorrect information, fake documents uploaded and other. You need to check all details then submit form in your institute, school, college in place where students studies. Most of user wants online services it can save their time and provide result in short time. They need to check all options avail here then apply any of services. After submit form here, application number is issued to user so they check status about form and renew their scholarship. This online portal is designed and developed by the self. They can maintain portal so it run without any error in different type of web browser. But all content here is avail by the concerned department about different scholarship services. They add here new details time to time and remove old content which not used by any person. All new services or schemes are updated here. So check all details here then apply any of services. For any help, user need to read here list of freqnlty asked question. You need to read all question here one by one and get solution about their quires. This portal is open all 24/ 7 days so every person can apply form their home, office or any place in which they feel comfortable. They need internet connection with computer or they also visit in cyber café in their area. It is avail in two languages user need to choose here any one and read all details. They need to update here mobile number and e mail id for received notification about renews, last date and changes in schemes and other. Now check all avail details then apply any one.

    // Post matric scholarship for students with disability //

    This scholarship is provided to those students who can study in class 11th or 12th. They need show their disability certificate at time of apply scholarship services.

    General condition for post matric scholarship
    1. It is avail for only one year in which students can study. If students can repeat class then they are not eligible for scholarship for second time.
    2. The scholarship holder under this scheme is not eligible for any other scholarship or stipend. No scholarship is paid to students if get hold more than one scholarship.
    3. This scholarship is provided to students who can open to national of India only.
    4. Students have less than 40 percent of disability (certified by competent medical authority of state government/ UT) is not eligible for it.
    5. In one family not more than once children are eligible for scholarship services but in case of twin then scholarship is eligible.
    6. The students who can take coaching in any of pre examination for government are not eligible for scholarship services.
    • This scholarship is given to students who can study in post matric or post secondary which is pursue in recognized institute with following exception.
    • The students who can pass the matriculation or higher secondary or any higher examination of a recognized university or board of secondary education are eligible for given services.
    • In this schema there are post level graduate degree, diploma, and certificate are not cover here.
    • The students who pass after passing one stage of education are study in same stage of education but different subject are not eligible for given services.
    • Students who can study two courses are one time is eligible for scholarship for only once course.
    • Students who failing or passing the under graduate examination in arts/ science/ commerce can join any recognized professional or technical certificate/ diploma/ degree course will be awarded scholarship if otherwise eligible
    • The students who can study through corresponded are eligible for scholarship services.
    Allowance are provided to them
    The allowance is give to students in seven ways they are: -
    1. Maintenance allowance
    2. Additional allowance for students with disability for the complete duration of course
    3. Reimbursement of compulsory non refundable fee
    4. Study tour charge
    5. Typing / printing charge for preparing report/ project
    6. Book allowance for student’s pursuing correspondence course
    7. Book bank facility for specified course

    Maintenance allowance

    Group 1
    Bachelor of degree courses in medicine, engineering, technology, planning, agriculture, design, fashion, techolnology, agriculture, and allied science management, business fiancé / administration, computer science application: - hosteller (RS 1, 200) , day scholar (RS 550)

    Group 2
    Professional courses leading to degree, diploma, certificate in area like pharmacy, LLB, BFS, other para medical Branch, mass commutation, hotel management, interior decoration, nutrition, commercial art, financial services: - hosteller (RS 820) , day scholar (RS 530)

    Group 3
    All courses leading to a graduate degree not cover under group 1 and 2: - hosteller (RS 570) , day scholar (RS300)

    Group 4
    All post matric level non degree courses which entrance qualification in high school like senor secondary certificate both general and vocational stream, ITI courses, 3 year diploma course in polytechnic: - hosteller (RS 380) , day scholar (RS 230)

    Additional allowance depending on disability of students
    • Reader allowance for blind scholar: - RS 240 per month
    • Transport allowance: - RS 160 per month
    • Escort allowance: - RS 160 per month
    • Special allowance: - RS 160 per month
    • Coaching allowance: - RS 250 per month
    User, check here details about post matric scholarship with disability of students. It provides all necessary details which are needed to user. Read all details here one by one and collect all details here.
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