Drive home your dream car competition by Vodafone

  1. When will be the result of drive home your dream car compitetion
  2. Dear Guest,

    Vodafone India Ltd. presents a competition, naming Drive Home your Dream Car Competition. This is the competition for those, who had a dream to have their own car, so this is a good chance for the desirous persons to participate in the contest.

    After participation in the competition, most of the people think about the result or the winners of the competition. So, to know about the result, the participant have to wait as the list of Winners of all prizes will be announced only after the finish of the Competition of Drive Home Your Dream Car. The participant get to know the result after all the Winner selection processes are completed. And publicly the name of the Winners of the prizes will be available on the web portal, ie. and (“Website”). The name of winners will only be available on the given link after the finish of contest and after all selection process done.
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