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    A universal number will be generated for each of the PF Account Number at EPFO NDC. The UAN will act as an umbrella for the multiple Member Ids allotted to the same individual. The idea is to concatenate multiple Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) allotted to a single member under single Universal Account Number. This will help the member to view details of all the Member Identification Numbers (Member Id) linked to it. If a member is already allotted Universal Account Number (UAN) then he/ she may provide the same to new establishment/ employer which in turn will mark the new allotted Member Identification Number (Member Id) to the Universal Identification Number (UAN).

    The main objective behind this new function is to capture KYC details of its members in order to eliminate the dependency on the employer and improve the quality of service. The KYC details will be tagged against the allotted UAN rather the member id thereby eliminating the redundancy.

    Initial generation of UAN:

    • As on any cutoff date (for example all distinct ECR members from the wage month of Jan 2014 to June 2014 except those with DOE) would be provided by OTCP to EPFO NDC.

    • A universal number will be generated for each of the PF Account Number at EPFO NDC.

    • First time, UAN will be allotted to all contributors appearing in the ECR of the specified period.

    • The UANs allotted would be made available to Employer Portal for dissemination.

    • Employer will download the UAN list from UAN Menu in OTCP.

    • It will be the duty of employer to disseminate UANs to the concerned members through SMS, email, IVRS Type & Short Code Services.

    Recurring/Subsequent UAN generation/linking:

     Further whenever an ECR is submitted by employer and payment is confirmed by SBI, a list containing the member ids without UAN would be generated at OTCP to identify members without UAN against member ids.

     It is the duty of employer to complete Form-11 in respect of those member ids, which have not been allotted UAN or linked to UAN in terms of linkage of previous employment/UAN/First Time Employment of new members and manage KYC.

     Facility would be given on OTCP to employers to declare such member ids (new member ids in the latest ECR file) against

    a. Previous member id

    b. UAN

    c. First time membership & approve the same

     Such declared member ids would flow from OTCP to EPFO NDC on daily basis. At EPFO NDC, this information would be processed to

    a. Generate new UANs against member ids which do not have UAN.

    b. Link member ids against UAN having UAN already generated against previous member id.

    c. Generate and link UAN against member id and previous member id if neither of them have UAN. (The processed information would be pushed daily to the portal and this cycle would continue.)

     Employer has to update KYC of his members through KYC menu given in OTCP. Employer can either upload/view individual KYC or upload bulk KYC. In case of uploading bulk KYC, first of all employer will have to upload bulk KYC Text File as per the standard format given by EPFO, NDC and then upload bulk KYC Zip file containing scanned copies of the documents. Then, employer has to approve bulk KYC. Once this process is over, employer has to approve all the KYC documents uploaded one by one through an option ‘Approve KYC Document’ in KYC Menu. File structure of text file and zip file is being enclosed herewith. File Naming convention must be seen thoroughly. Otherwise files can not be uploaded. In case of any errors while uploading files, error log will be generated and can be seen in ‘Error List’ given in KYC Menu.


     Must register your digital signature

     Java version 1.7 should be installed in your system.

     Only text files of upto 2mb size can be uploaded using this facility.

     Bulk Text file format should be exactly as per the format given by EPFO, NDC.

     Bulk Zip File should contain the scanned documents. Naming convention should be exactly as per the convention given by EPFO, NDC.

     Max Size of Bulk Zip File Upload is 200 Mb. If zip file size exceeds 200 Mb, please break it into multiple zip files.

     The files inside the zip file can be one of these four types - pdf, jpg, png and jpeg.

     The files inside the zip file which are greater than 300 kb in size shall be ignored by the system.

     The files inside the zip file which do not comply with the naming convention specified in this instructions document, shall be ignored by the system


    Login > UAN > Search UAN ID

    Login > UAN > Confirm Previous Employment

    Login > UAN > Download UAN List

    Login > UAN > History PDFs

    Login > KYC > Upload / view individual KYC

    Login > KYC > Upload Bulk KYC Zip File

    Login > KYC > Upload Bulk KYC Text File

    Login > KYC > Approve Bulk KYC

    Login > KYC > Approve KYC Document

    Login > KYC > Error List


    The employer can perform the following activities through UAN :-

    @>. Search UAN IDs

    @>. Confirm Previous Employment

    @>. Download UAN List

    @>. History PDFs

    Employer E-Seva : http://esewa.epfoservices.in/

    Employer Registration Link :

     Go Through a Link above which is a home page of Employer Portal wherein UAN option has been appended. This UAN has five options viz. Search UAN IDs, Confirm Previous Employment, Download UAN List, History PDFs and Manage KYC.

     The two screens facilitate employers to search UAN IDs of their members as well as the members o any other establishment. Once employers press the search button, will be allowed to see Establishment Name, Member’s Name, UAN ID, DOB, Date of joining and Date of Exit.

     After feeding the details, of new joinees, employer has to press Form 11 Filled…Radio Button to verify the details and generate PDG of the same. If he/she is not satisfied with the case, he can simply reject it.

     Once employer press the radio button ’Generate PDF’, following screen will come giving the option of approving or rejecting the PDF. Employer can view this PDG file by pressing on the link and if satisfied, can approve it else he/she can reject it.
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