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    fcs.up.nic.in: Online Ration Card Search Process
    If person who can live in Uttar Pradesh can apply for ration card or have their original card what to search details. They need to visit to food and civil supplies department, government of Uttar Pradesh state. They can provide all details about their ration card by provide some information to them like copy of ration card, application receipt of form submit. Result is provided to user soon. Mainly ration card is used as address proof documents for all people who have its original copy.

    No single persons can hold two ration card as per government rules, if they have cancel any one card which is not used by them. it also help for Purchase essential commodities like cereal, rice, sugar or any other products which Is used by applicant in their daily life. You need to check their price, quality and quality which are fixed by the food and civil supplies department to person who want purchase them. There is online website avail for user help. It can save their time and provide result in short time.

    To visit in fsc.up.nic.in, they need internet connection and computer, without this they can’t access given portal. Now select here service name as ration card search, in which you need to enter some details here like name of person, application number, ration card number and many other details. Then result is given to his/ her as per details enter by then if they are correct result show otherwise incorrect details can’t show result. These online portals which contain all information in digital form are developing and designed by the national informatics center.

    They can maintain portal so it can run in different type of web browser which used latest version. If old browser used here then some features will not work. But all content here is avail by the concerned department. They can add or remove information here as per applicant need. They also update all information here time to time. For any help, they need to call on given help line number. This number is avail on working days so call here and ask question about ration card, search details and any other services which is avail in website.

    It also provides details about application form which is used for new ration card services. Now visit here and apply any services related to ration, it is open all time.

    Online Ration Card Search
    For ration card details or search, they need ration card or some proof about form submit like applcaition recipt which contain application number.
    Now enter following details here:

    • Select district in given list
    • Select area: - village/ town
    • Enter GRAM PANCHYAT/ NIKAY in given list
    • Enter ration card type: - ANTODYA/ A.P.L/ B.P.L
    • Enter head of family name
    • Enter HOF father name
    • Enter ration card number (12 digit number)
    • Enter voter ID card
    • Enter bank account number
    • Enter valid number (10 digit, doesn’t contain 0 in 10 digit)
    • Enter AADHAAR card number
    • Enter given code in column
    • After that Click on search button.
    It provides ration card details, you need to check all details here and take print out of details if they correct show here.

    Note At Time of Fill Entries Here:
    • The Serial number 1 to 5 needs to fill by applicant necessary.
    • Serial number 6 – 12, need to fill any on.
    • You can type here any one languages form Hindi and English.
    User, check here rations card details in computerize form. You need to visit in given links and enter details here.
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    few years back i started living separate from my family with my wife and children due to my job purposes. here i bought land and made my house. now tell that what all procedure i have to follow to get the ration card here.
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    i need the ration card details for Kusma kumari jila khiri black bijua gram sahspur. guide me for getting this list.
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    परिवार के मुखिया का नाम लिस्ट में कैसे देख सकते हैं.
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    ration card information for family members online in uttar pradesh where to search.
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    Dhiraj kumar s/o Chandrapal singh vill&post-Samana Distt-Hapur up 245301Dhiraj kumar s/o Chandrapal singh vill&post-Samana Distt-Hapur up 245301
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    need to get the new ration card.
    arsiya bazar
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    Plz give me a conplete information to why my ration card was cancelled
  10. guest

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    search my ration card application status so that i can get it asap.

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    can we check the list of all ration card issued by the government of up. परिवार के लिए राशन कार्ड ऑनलाइन वेबसाइट पर कैसे देखना है.
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    sir can we check the ration card with the card number and can find the other family members name on the list of this card.
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    i would like to get the ration card status of my family names in the list. where do i check that.
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    क्या राशन कार्ड के नंबर से हम अपना नाम लिस्ट में देख सकते हैं?
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    can i search the ration cad with the house hold person name.
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    अपना नाम राशन कार्ड की लिस्ट में कैसे देखा जा सकता है ?
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    Suneeta devi
    कृपया नाम द्वारा राशन कार्ड की जानकारी प्रदान करें।
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    हमारे परिवार के पास पहले से ही राशन कार्ड अब हमे परिवार के सद्स्यो का आधार लिंक करना है
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