Check Online Registered/Submitted Grievance or Complaint Status in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation-GHMC Telangana by Citizen Name/Phone Number

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    For check grievance status applicant need to visit in greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. They provide all details to user about grievance status. It needed document about application number mention in grievance. Most of user wants online services it can save their time and provide result in short time. It contain all information in computerize form. Now fill correct details in service name as grievance status and get result. For any help, you need to call on help line number. They give all solution to applicant why status not provided of grievance. It open all 24 X 7 days so every person can apply here from their home, office or place in which they feel comfortable. They needed internet services and computer to access given web pages. Now read all instruction then apply other services like birth or death certificate, trade license and more. You need to update here correct mobile number & e mail id for notification about various services. If details not found here correct then notification not provided. It designed and developed by self. They can maintain portal so it run without any error in differ type of web browser with new version, if old version is used then some services will not run. But all content here is given by concerned department. They can update here all new details and remove old content which not used by any person. They provide all type of information in FAQ form so read then one by one. Contact details are here so check and note all details for manual help. Now follow all details then apply here any of services any time.

    // grievance status //

    You need to check here grievance. Now follow all steps then apply here.
    It needed document which contain grievance number. Without this result not provided to applicant.

    Link is here: -

    Read and enter correct details

    $. Grievance number: - enter here correct grievance number

    $. Contact number: - enter here correct contact number like mobile number

    $. Citizen’s name: - enter person name who can apply

    $. E mail address: - enter here correct e mail address

    Click on search button

    It provides all details about grievance status. It shows status, person name, and date of apply and process. Take print out of result to check status of form. it used for again check status of form.

    For any help call here

    Help line number: - 21 111 111
    Phone number: - 040 2322 5397
    Website: -

    You need to call here for solution about quires. So ask here correct question for solution in same time.

    User, we provide all details about grievance status. Link is here so read and fill correct details. For any help, you need to call on help line number or also visit in office of greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.
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    wonderful service... pl.keep it up.. thanks
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    Grievance No : 2017-11-W380037 on 17th Nov.2017, i have submitted a complaint that our street light is not working.
    The department has taken the complaint, and assured to rectify the same & till date no action has been taken, Irony is
    when one checked the status, it the link indicates it is closed, so what do we understand or common man understand ?
    Kindly look into the matter & take corrective action and stop misleading people.
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    Respected sir madam

    By writing many mails and many calls no responce from you but i am receiving messages saying that the problem is been solved??
    Pls check the below message

    GHMC-Your Grievance number 2017-10-W375937 was solved.Message:Attended GHMC

    GHMC-Your Grievance number 2017-11-W378268 was solved.Message:Attended GHMC

    Pls help us to whome i have to contact.
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