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    Goa – Renew driving license

    Renew driving license is necessary for all person who have their valid driving license. User need form 9 with all documents which are given by the directorate of transport, government of Goa. They can provide all information to user for renew their driving license. User need to read here all details then apply for renew service, there are no online facility for user for renews their driving license, user need to visit to R.T.O office in their area and apply for service they want. They can provide other service to user like vehicles registration, driving license, permit and other details. So check all information one by one as per your requirements. Department can provide online portal to help their citizens. It can provide application form, procedures, fees details so user easily apply for given service. Now apply for renew service in any working days. After apply application number is given to user for receive or check status of form. User need to take print out if they status is show pending and visit to office where form is submit. They can provide result to user why their renew service is not in process. Some reason is correction needed in form, documents missing and other. User need to correct all and apply second time. In portal all information is given by concerned department. They can add here new details time to time and remove old data here. So check all information avail in computerize form. Most of user wants online service it can save their time and provide result in short time. But here user needs to apply office. They can also give some feedback to department for given details and some suggestion for improvement here.

    //Procedure for renew driving license//

    For renew user can apply before 30 days of expiry without fine and after expiry date within 5 year with fine.

    --Document needed by applicant--
    • Form 9 for renew
    • Driving license
    • Passport size photograph
    • Age proof (pan card, school certificate, birth certificate)
    • Form 1 A if applicant age is more than 50 year
    • Address proof (passport, voter card, L.I.C policy, electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill)
    --Form 9 is here for renew--


    Enter following details here: -

    1. Enter applicant name
    2. Enter father/ husband name
    3. Enter driving license number
    4. Date of issue
    5. License authority by which the license was issued
    6. License authority by which the license was last renew number and date of renew
    7. Class of vehicles applicant are authorize to drive
    8. Enter date of expiry of license to drive (transport and other than transport)
    9. Enter permanent address
    10. Enter here other details.
    Now check all details here and check all entries if they need correction, then correct all.

    --Where form is submit--

    Form 9 is submitted with all supporting documents to R.T.O office in their area. User need to collect here their application receipt.
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    I am out of the country and wont be back until 3 months after the expiry of my drivers license. What can I do
  3. guest

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    I am out of the Country and my license expired in May 2018.
    I will be in Goa in December 2018.How do i renew my license
    Bharat Patel
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