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    If the user have any complaint regarding any issues with Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, then the official website of GVMC is available to register your grievances. There are various modes by which the citizen can make the grievances online.

    Modes of Registration of Complaint by Citizen IVRS
    *>} Dial your Commissioner

    Grievance Cell

    Website Registration

    Short Message Service SMS

    Direct Telephonic Calls

    How to make Direct Telephonic Calls :

    The steps are given below, that how a caller make a call and how it works.

    Step One-

    Here the user need to dial Toll Free Number, that is 1800 4250 0009 of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation GVMC, the automatically IVR System will welcomes the caller or user and ask them to select an option of languages.

    Step Two-
    Then the caller is required to select any one language by selecting the number-
    Choose and Dial One (1) for Telugu
    Choose and Dial Two (2) for English
    Choose and Dial Three (3) for Hindi

    Step Three-
    When a user select any one from the above language, then the caller has to choose from the below-
    One (1) For Complaints ,
    Two (2) for water taker,
    Three (3) to know there taxes and
    Four (4) for General Information.

    How it works, when caller or user Dials One (1) for Complaint:

    ~/~ Here the Citizen can record their complaint, name, address and telephone number after the beep.
    When the complaint is recorded a complaint number will be provided to the caller.

    ~/~ This complaint is recorded by the call-centre operator. An SMS will be automatically sent to the concerned official giving all information.

    ~/~ At the same time a SMS will also be sent to the caller with giving details like complaint number, name, telephone number of the concerned authority, etc.

    ~/~ Once the complaint is rectified and updated, a SMS will be automatically sent to the complainant for confirmation.

    When the caller or user dials two (2) Water Tanker :

    In this process, the call will be transferred to the Call Centre operator who will take all the details from the dialer and enter the same details in application which generates a code and informs to filling station.

    When the caller dials Three (3) Taxes

    This call will be transferred to the call- centre operator who will give the necessary information about the taxes to the user.

    When the caller or user dials Four (4) General Information

    In this the General information like pre-requisites for getting new water connection, Title transfer, Birth certificate, Death certificate Etc., will be repeated

    Home Page
    : https://www.gvmc.gov.in/gvmc/
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    this is my complaint number > 1999_26_00474. please give me the status of my complaint regarding to the property tax payment.
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    My complaint ID : WC11992. Related Land tax.
    This complaint action has been pending since six months.
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