How to Get Good Loot After New Version Updated for Clash of Clans No Farming Mode Can be Used

  1. M a regular player of coc/clash of clans. i started this game last year and it was very good at that time. now after the update in this Christmas nothing is good remain in this game. I am now not getting any good loot as everyone putted it with full protections and high level defense. Every time when I am trying to get loot with using barbarians and archers I am losing my trophies because of which I am not getting good opponent. Now after the update everyone will have to keep their town-hall inside and have to protect it with good defense because it is also have some loot approx. 25% of total amount coins and exiler. Their is now no any way left instead I will quit this game soon. But I am playing it from a long time and don't want to lost my village. My all troops are high upgraded for TH8 (town hall 8).

    Please help me and guide me so that I can get good loot of coins and exilers both or tell that How to get it in new version after updated. We are not having any farming options because now townhall is important to protect our collections.

    Thank You!
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