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    With the association of both National Infrormatics Centre (NIC) and Revenue Department of Tripura, Jami an online Land Record Software System has been launched to give their citizens Tripura Land Records, Khatian and Plot information and other land related services online.

    In India, to get the details of your land, jamabandi, fard, nakal, khatoni, khata, bhulekh, ROR is very difficult. The language used in these records is very difficult to understand by a common man. Because of various aggravate, the owner don’t try to check the records of their own land.

    Department of Land resources, Govt. of India has launched National Land Records Modernization Programme NLRMP to expand a contemporary, inclusive and clear land records management structure in the country. The main aim of lunching this programme is to apply the decisive land titling system. There are many states who are giving the land records details to their citizen online and few states are in the process of computerization.

    The North Eastern State, Tripura is also providing the land records online to their citizen. Most of the land of Tripura is computerized, the details of land records can be get from the official website, ie., jami.tripura.gov.in.

    Records of Rights (Khatian):

    The Records of Rights be contained of a Statement of Rights in Form 7. The Khatian is separate for every person or groups of persons, who are jointly interested in the land. The Khatian shows the Rights and Liabilities of each and every person.

    Khasra is prepared in Form 8. Field Index or Khasra is organized according to the Serial No. of a plot in the village.

    Why we need Land Records – Khatian and Plot details in Tripura:

    -}- Owner need land records at the time of sale of land and during registration of land to institute land title.

    It also required to raise farm credit or loan from the bank

    Land records required at the time of account opening in the Bank

    For separation of land we also need land information

    It also required for personal and court purposes.

    How to get Land Records Jami Online in Tripura:

    $>> Go to the website of Revenue Dept. of Tripura Government jami.tripura.gov.in

    In the Citizen Centric E-Services box, you will get various options. To get land records, click on Khatian/Plot based search.

    After entering on the above, enter the details of location – enter District, Sub-Division, Revenue Circle, Tehsil, Mouja.

    Then you need to enter your Khatian Number or Plot Number and click on Search button to get the Land Record Report.

    You will get the detailed information of your Tripura land Records Report.

    How to Know the Mutation Status Online in Tripura:

    ~^> On going to the above mentioned website click on the link Know Mutation Status under Citizen Centric E-services.

    Enter the location details like District, Sub-Division, Revenue Circle, Tehsil, Mouja.

    Then enter MR Number and click on Search to get Mutation Status Report.

    How to View Village Map Online in Tripura:

    => Here go to the official website of Revenue Dept. Tripura Govt.

    Click on ‘View Map’ under Citizen Centric E-Services box

    Enter the details of District, Sub Division, Revenue Circle, Tehsil, Mouja

    Click on Search Map to obtain Village Map.

    Home Page: www.jami.tripura.gov.in
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    In which Tehsil & Mouja, Ramgar village under Sonamura Sub-Division.
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