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    Bihar, a State in Northern India, surrounded by UP Uttar Pradesh to its west, Nepal to the North, West Bengal to the east and by Jharkhand to the South. Patna is its capital, which is earlier known as Pataliputra was an important centre of Indian Civilization. Near to Patna, Nalanda and Vikramshila were counted as amongst the oldest international universities in the Fifth and Eighth century in Bihar.

    Bihar Government has launched an e-governance service to the people of their state. The Department of Revenue and Land Reforms Government of Bihar has created a website by which the citizen can easily get the information of their land. The project which provides land records on the website has been created by the Bihar State Government in coordination with the National Informatics Centre (NIC) of Bihar.

    The main purpose of the Bihar government behind computerization of the land record is to decrease the time and money spent by the land owner to obtain the information of their land records. The other purpose behind this to put an end to the frequent land fraud cases, where the middleman cheat customers by selling the same piece of land multiple of times. The online land records will increase the lucidity between the Revenue and Land Reform Dept. and Land owner. The people of state can get to know the details of their land record from anywhere in the country.

    Way to get the Apna Khata ROR Bihar Land Record :

    @>. Government has made the searching of land records in Bihar by using Bihar’s Map as the searching tool.

    @>. The Bihar land records can be searched by selecting your Districts and Anchals only.

    @>. The citizens need to visit the official website of Bihar and then select ‘Apna Khata Dekhen’or by link.

    @>. You will see the Map of Bihar with District name on it.

    @>. Select the option district name for which you want get the land records.

    @>. After selection of District name, it will redirect you to the another page with map of that (selected) District

    @>. Now select the Anchal name as per your requirement of information.

    @>. Now, you are on the page after selection District and Anchal Name.

    @>. You will see the list of Mauja, where u need to select your Mauja name.

    @>. You can select the any one options from the five to get the Bihar Land Records:

    i. Search by Khata Name

    ii. Search by Khasara Number

    iii. Search by Khata Number

    iv. Search by Khasra Number

    v. Search by Khata Number

    @>. Then click on Search khata box, you will get the land record details as per your selection.

    @>. Now take a print out of your land records.

    Currently the digitization of Land Records in Bihar State is only available for 11 Disticts. They are :- Madhubani, Mujjafarpur, Kishanganj, Darbhanga, Bhojpur, Baksar, Rohtas, Katihaar, Madhepura and Arariya. You will get the land records of rest of the District in Bihar state very shortly.
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    please tell the procedure to search the name on the website.
    Fulwarya Biduriy
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    my plot number is 44. can you send me the information for that.
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    where to search the property owner name online.
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  5. i want to check the property details in lrc website of bihar
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    where to check online land record details
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    need to get property information by owner's name
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    Can i check the apna khata online and get the information regarding to my property.
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    Nakal kaa hota hai Is email par Ben de
    i want to get the nakal of my land records online where i can check my khata khasara details and ror in bihar department send me link.
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    Hello My name is sunhat singh I am from Patna I want to know where i can get certified copy of my land
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