Submit Online Complaint in Ludhiana Municipal Corporation Dept Punjab for Services/Tax Payment/Certificates

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    For submit online complaints service is avail in online portal name as Ludhiana municipal corporation. They provide all process to user how to register compliant. It needed document about services, applicant not satisfies. Most of user wants online services; it can save their time and provide result in short time. User need to collect online form and read all details. User need to fill here correct details and make correction if any information found incorrect. They issue complaint number to user so they check status of form. It give result about form is process or rejected, if rejected then call on help line number. They give all solution to user in same time by ask here correct question about online complaints. This portal is open all 24 X 7 days so every person can apply here from their home, office or place in which they feel comfortable. They needed internet services and computer to access all type of services. User also updates their correct mobile number or e mail id for notification about online complaints and other services. Now read all details then apply other services. It designed and developed by self. They can maintain portal so it run without any error in different type of web browser with new version, if old version is used then some services will not run. But all content here is given by concerned department. They can update here all new details and remove old content which not used by any persons. Now read here list of FAQ question for more details. So read all question one by one. User need to give here feedback for avail services and response is provided on their e mail id if fill here correct. So read all details then apply here for services.

    // online complaints submit //

    You need to read all details then submit your complaint.
    Carry some documents about compliant. Now follow all step avail here.

    Documents list is here
    Application form
    Service document
    Other documents proof

    Link is here: -
    Read and fill here correct details

    #. Zone; - you need to select zone in given list

    #. Sub zone: - select your sub zone here

    #. Ward: - it show all ward list

    #. Brach: - you need to select branch in given list

    #. Complaint: -it provide all type of complaint here

    #. Short description: -fill here short description about complaint

    #. Priority: - normal / urgent (select any one)

    #. Complainer name: - enter here name of complainer

    #. Mobile: - enter here correct mobile number for notification

    #. E mail: - enter here correct e mail id for notification

    #. Address: - enter here complete address with pin code

    #. Remarks: - you need to fill her remarks (if any)

    Click on submit button.

    You complaint is submitted now wait for some time for response about quires. They provide complaint number to user so they check status of form.
    It contain your name, service name, date of apply, complaint number. Take print out of result if needed.

    Where status is provided
    You need to visit in Ludhiana Municipal Corporation with complaint number. They provide all details about complaint.

    For any help call here

    Help line number: - (0161) 2748411, 2748412, 2748413

    You need to call here for solution about quires. So ask here correct question for solution in short time.

    User, we provide all details about complaint. Link is here so read and fill correct details. For any help, you need to call on help line number or visit in office of Ludhiana Municipal Corporation.
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    Singh stands for male
    Kaur stands for female
    Kumar stands for male
    kumari stands female
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    Omkar provisional store mobile number 9814320645 (bindraban road civil lines Ludhiana) is keeping their goods outside the shop which usually leads to traffic on the road side due to which customers are also facing problems. Please check out our problem.l will be thankful to u.
    Firstly also I had filed complaint to tehabjari zone 'd' inspector Gopal ji mobile number 9780300667 municipal corporation but from there side no action has been taken...
    Mobile 9815922205
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    I Roshni Handa Phase II Dugri,Ludhiana, had registered a complaint on 19th July.My complaint number is 193608.I had complained that the pressman has kept his carts near my house and it is difficult for me to park my vehicle. Everytime there are 4-5 people standing near my house.It disturbs my personal life.The corporation now does not the hawkers to put mandis,then why my appeal is not answered.I called at the phone numbers given but no reply.Please look into the matter as soon as possible.
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    complaint submit karni hai hamare area me barish hote hi paani bhar raha hai. kripaya samadhan karen.
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    हमारे यहाँ बिजली के किसी भी खम्बे पर लाइट नहीं लगी है। कहाँ आवेदन करना होगा ?
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    Advance House Tax paid by friends and relatives at counter not deposited in my house tax accounts.

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    Restart all web sites shut down by mcludhiana office.
    All web sites by esuvidha kendra were working and giving service.
    Very good records were being registered.
    So why shut down all e suvidha websites.

    Give me all computers of e suvidha kendra , they are our property.
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    Grant Permission to construction of 4 wall on all our land in Delhi, Haryana,Punjab.
    My father had given job,contract, to expert architect's of LIT.
    Move my application for home delivery of completed job.
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