Check Online Details for House Tax Payment & Due Amount in Margao Municipal Council Goa Administration by Ward Number & Owner Name

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    To know house tax details, user needed their ward number and house number. The information is provided to user in Margao municipal council, Goa. They provide all information to user about house tax details. Most of user wants online services it can save their time and provide result in short time. They provide all information about house tax, if details found correct so take print out of result. It is necessary for all people. They provide facility to user for pay their house tax. They needed to pay tax and collect here. It is proof that applicant can pay their tax; you need to update here correct mobile number or e mail id for notification about house tax. It open all 24 X 7 days so every person can apply here from their home, office or place in which they feel comfortable. They needed internet services and computer to access given web pages. So read all type of details here. They provide here list of FAQ question so read then one by one and get more details about house tax. It designed and developed by self. They can maintain portal so it run without any error in different type of web browser with new version, if old version is used then some services will not run. But all content here is given by concerned department. They can update here all new details and remove old content which not used by any person. You need to check here contact details of department with office details and other. All type of services will avail in one plat form so check their name. Now read all information then apply any type of place, any time and other details.

    // know your house tax //

    You need to check here all details about house tax. So read all details one by one then apply here.
    Carry documents which contain ward number and house number.

    Link is here: -
    Read and fill correct details
    1. Ward number: - enter here correct ward number
    2. House number: - enter here correct house number
    3. Owner name: - enter name of owner here
    Choose any option: -
    • Search: - it show all details to user
    • Clear: - it clears all details which found incorrect
    It provides all information to user about know your house tax. Read all details and take print out of result. It is necessary for all people. It contains all information about tax so check all one by one.

    For any help call here

    Toll free number: - 1800 233 3242 and 2715175
    Fax number: - 2730444
    E mail id: -

    You need to call here for solution about quires. Now ask here correct question for solution in shorter time.

    User, we provide all details about know house tax. Link is here so read and fill correct details. For any help, you need to call on help line number.
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    HOUSE NO: 2/156/H/30

    I have already paid house tax for Financial Year 2016-17 vide Receipt No.413867 on 15/12/2016 amounting to Rs.1171/=.

    However, in the "Pay Your House Tax" through on line, an amount of Rs.1188/= has been added as "arrears" in the current demand. When there is no arrears, why an amount of Rs.1188/= has been added.

    Current demand is shown as Rs.2359/=, whereas I have been paying only Rs.1171 per year on account of House Tax. Why there is sudden jump.

    Please clarify so as to enable me to pay the house tax on line at the earliest.

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    Tax details ward no.3 house no.1320
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