Student Registration/Renewal for Scholarship Frequently Asked Question/FAQ Pre/Post/Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Scheme Details

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    Scholarship services are necessary for students for their education. It is given to them on based of their education and BPL category. Some of scholarship is provided by the minority’s welfare scholarship. They provide online website to their citizens for apply merit cum means scholarships; post matric scholarship, pre matric scholarship. User need to check eligibility, benefits provided to them and other details which is necessary for them. Most of user wants online services it can save their time and provide result in short time. This portal is known as It contain information in computerize form. They need to fill here application form with correct details. If some mistakes found in form then it also rejected by institute or school in which it submit. After submit form successful, application number is given to user so they check status about form and renew their scholarship after expiry. For online apply user need to register by enter login details, self details, and education. If register process is done here successful then new login details like user id and password is provided to them so students can login here and apply for requiem services. This online website is designed and developed by the self department. They can add here new details time to time and remove old content here which not used by any person. They update here new information about scholarship of different type. User need to check all avail information about scholarship services which is provided by the given department. User also read here list of freqnlty asked question. All questions are given here for information about login, register and other details. You need to read here all question one by one and get solution for your quires. This online portal is avail all 24 X 7 days so every person can apply here from their home, office or any place in which they feel comfortable. They need internet connection and computer for apply here and use here latest version of browser and type of web browser like opera, chrome, Firefox and other. User need to update their mobile number for received notification for password recover, change and other. It also contain link of website of government India for more help. The FAQ question is avail in PDF form so user can downloads it and read all information here.

    Common features for Pre, Post, Merit cum means scholarship scheme
    1. There are 30% of scholarship is given to girl students.
    2. The students should have secured not less than 50% marks in previous final examination.
    3. Not more than 2 students form family is allow for scholarship services.
    4. Scholarships is providing to state/ UT on bases of population minorities.
    5. This scheme is implementing through state government/ UT administration.
    6. They can avail scholarship from not more than once sources.
    7. This scholarship is help students for their higher education.
    8. Eligibility, scholarship benefits are given here
    9. It provide two type of scholarship to their students

    // frequently asked question for students //

    Here is list of F.A.Q question for more help about scholarship services.

    Question 1: - Who are eligible to apply for Post Matric and Merit-cum Means based Scholarship Schemes?
    Answer: - the students who can belong to minority community like Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, jain, parsi who can study in India only and fulfill the scheme guidelines are eligible for apply scholarship. You need some proof for minorities at time of apply here.

    Question 2: - What is the last date for submitting applications online?
    Answer: - for last date of online application, they need to visit in online website. Here check all options avail in menu bar.

    Question 3: - How can I apply online for scholarship?
    Answer: -for apply post matric and merit cum means based scholarship schemes are online schemes. They need to apply in online website name as and there are link of website name as you need to read here instruction for scholarship services.

    Question 4: - How to submit the online application? Should I need the user id and password to apply for scholarship?
    Answer: - no, user not needs user id and password for apply scholarship. You need to check here procedure for post matirc and merit cum scholarship based scheme for both first and renewal are given below: -

    For fresh application
    • Students need to open online portal and select here student’s registration. You need to fill here correct details in application form as per instruction given here and click on save button. After save student will receive their temporary id. Now enter this id, date of birth, and mother name under the options name as student’s registration then update student’s details and fill on next page. One you complete the registration here then click on finalize and submit button. Before submit form you need to sure that all details are found here correct or valid.
    • Now students need to take print out of application by click on print preview button. Now sign in and send it immediately with supporting documents to state department after authenticate the application form concerned institute.
    List if documents are here which need to submit with hard copy (fresh)
    • Self Attested certificates of educational qualification (Certificate not required to be enclosed for renewal application)
    • An Income Certificate issued by an authorized Officer in the States/ UT is submitted
    • Course fee receipt
    • Self declaration of community by the student
    Steps for renewal
    There are some steps are given here so read them: -
    Step 1: - for renew here you need permanent id which is received on previous year. They need to go through the options students registration - > renewal - > I know permanent ID. They need to submit their id under these options to apply for renewal.
    Step 2: - after submit form, they need to upload here all documents in scanned copy. You need to take print out of application here after submits renew form.
    Documents list is here
    1. Institution verification form. (Mandatory)
    2. Income certificate issued by an authorized Officer in the State/ UT - (Mandatory)
    3. Declaration of the Student (Mandatory)
    4. Self Attested Certificate of Last Exam Passed as filled in the Form. (Mandatory)
    5. Fee Receipt of ‘Current Course Year’. (Mandatory)
    6. Proof of Bank account in the Name of the Student. (Mandatory like bank passbook)
    7. Aadhaar Card (U.ID) (Optional)
    8. Proof of Address (Optional like ration card, passport, voter card, electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill and other)
    Question 5: - Can I edit the information already saved and up to what time?
    Answer: - user can edit their information in application form before form submit and finalize the online applications.

    Question 6: - Which fields I can edit?
    Answer: - you can edit here few details like parental income, mobile number, e mail id, bank details and other. If you can click on finalize and submit button then it forward to next level and you can’t edit the application again. So read all details then click on given button.

    Question 7: - How should I open my saved application for editing?
    Answer: - you need to go on option name as student’s registration them update student’s details and enter your temporary id, date of birth and mother name to edit given application.

    Question 8: - Which fields in the application form are mandatory?
    Answer: - in application form user can see star sign are given here which need to filled by them necessary. If they miss then application is not process and it uncompleted. Without skip this column user can’t fill other details here.

    Question 9: - What happens, if I detect mistakes after forwarding the applications to the next level?
    Answer: - if any of mistakes found here then user are informed by the institute / district/ region/ state. This online software can provide facility to user for edit or correct application. They need to enter correct details this time.

    Question 10: - Which fields Institute/State can edit?
    Answer: - you need to edit here religion; name of institution, parental annual income and bank details, institute or state can edit other fields. After correction here, then SMS or e mail id given to students.

    Question 11: - Do I have to fill up the online application in one sitting?
    Answer: - user needs to fill this form in any time or many of sitting by enter details and click on save button. You need to enter here correct details; all type of documents will upload here in scanned copy here.

    Question 12: - What should I do if I forget my Permanent ID?
    Answer: - the process of recover the permanent id is given here so check them here: -
    They need to select here student registration then I know permanent - > don’t know your id, now enter here bases details and click on get permanent id. They also submit their temporary id in feedback options on home page and students can get his or her permanent id.

    Question 13: - Can I apply as a Fresh if I am a Renewal candidate?
    Answer: - student can apply for fresh application if they are renewal candidates. If they apply here then application is rejected here.

    Question 14: - What should I do if I forget my Temporary ID?
    Answer: - process of re cover of the temporary id is given as below
    Select here student registration then update student’s details - > don’t know your id, now enter here bases details and click on get temporary id.

    Question 15: - how to check status of my application.
    Answer: - user can check status about their application by submit his or her temporary / permanent id in feedback options which is given on home page of post matric and merit cum means based scholarship scheme. Student can also check his or her submitted online application form by enter the basic information which is given under the students registration - > update students details. It provides information to user their application is process or not for scholarship services.

    Question 16: - can I take print out of my application at any stage.
    Answer: - at time of fresh application user need to take print out of their application at time of submit and finalize the application. But in case of renewal of scholarship, students need to scan and upload the required documents in OSMS. The upload options are appear in renewal form only. It is proof that user can fill application form for scholarship service.

    Question 17: - How do I know the name and address of Nodal Officer/ State Department of my State?
    Answer: - The name and contact details of the Nodal officer/ State department of all States/ UTs are available in Contact us option. Also you can get the address of the concerned state department under List option available on the home page Post matric and merit cum means based scholarship schemes. You need to note down here address and visits if necessary to applicant for documents related issue.

    Question 18: - Is there any permanent ID?
    Answer: - yes, the permanent id will provide to candidates once his or her applications is recommended by state department for scholarship. They received SMS and e mail about their permanent id. They need to memorize their PID as it will be require while apply for renewal. It is necessary for users so keep it safe.

    Question 19: - Do I need to get my Aadhaar Card to apply for Scholarship?
    Answer: - user not need here aadhaar card here, it is optional. Students need to apply for scholarship services without entering the aadhaar card number here.

    User, check here all details about scholarship and other online services here. You need to read all details here one by one and apply for given services. It provides solution of login, registration for fresh or renewal of scholarship services and other.
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