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    Transfer Application is provided under section 22 B of the consumer protection act 1986 which can be filled by the registry of national consumer dispute redressal commission on all the working days between 10:00 am to 4.30 pm The Transfer application can be supported by an authorized attested affidavit with total 4 sets of copies and number of opposite parties ( with file cover) are to be presented for the commission. The Transfer Application along with the copies must be paginated and duly indexed to the given seriatim:


    Memo of Parties (with the complete address)

    Notarized Attested Application of Transfer Application

    Complaint copy and the appeal filled with the forum given below

    Important Notes:

    The important documents should be filled in English language only or the translate copy of other language.

    If the documents are not filled in the prescribed manner then it will be returned to the parties at their counter itself without any acknowledgement slip and then it will registered only after the deletion of defects.

    After the admission hearing, any documents if filed in a case the same has to be served on the other side and be filed with proof of service, well in advance of two days earlier from the date of hearing.

    Henceforth, the review petition/application for recalling of order will be listed before the bench by way of circulation in chambers.

    No. of copies has to be filed in the Commission 1+3 sets + Number of Opposite Parties. (with File cover)

    The certified copy application should be written with the letter head along with signature and the rubber stamp of the council that the the first 3 copies has not been received by the party in person or the counsel.

    The duplicate certified copy should be issue only by the payment basis as per the regulation with a clear notice that the first free certified copy will be deliver by the post at the given address by the party in person or should be sent to the counsel.
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