NCDRC National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission India protection act 1986

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    The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission India is a quasi Judicial Commission in India which came into existence in year 1988 under the consumer protection act 1986. The head office of NCDRC is located in New Delhi. The NCDRC is a commission where retired judge of supreme court sits and organise the things related to consumer act.

    The consumer protection act 1986 is a beneficiary programme which that lays down the consumer rights and avail them the protection of the consumer rights. This initiative is the only act in India which they enable ordinary consumer to spent less expensive and speedy service of their grievances. If you see the rights and remedies for consumer then it is the less dominated by the manufacturers and traders who provides various goods and services to consumers. The head incharge of the council by the Ministry in charge of the department of the consumer affairs.To avail the very cheep,fast and summary redressal of the consumer disputes these quasi judicial bodies are set in each of the district and state at the national level and these are known as district forums , The State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission and the NCDRC.

    These District forums are managed by the head person who is presently or who is eligible to be shortlisted as a District Judge and else this the each state commission is managed by the who is presently or has been a Judge in a High Court. The Provision of consumer act covers the ''goods'' as well as the ''services''. The goods are refer to those things who manufactured , produce and then sold to the consumers through the retailers and wholesalers. And the services are refer to the nature of the product like transport, mobile phone , electric appliances, bank services,insurance and medical schemes etc.

    The solutions of a consumer complaint is already available for the consumers in a civil way. If consumer file his complaint/appeal/petition filled and submitted under the act then a consumer is not required to pay the expensive fees instead a nominal fees which is applicable for all the consumers. The consumer council department have give the relaxation to the aggrieved consumers to solve their queries in a best possible manner and also in the quick manner and all these queries are solved to keeping in mind the provision of consumer act.
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