Procedure of online petition filing In CM Cell of Tamil Nadu Chennai

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    Name of the Department: Government of Tamil Nadu (
    Type of Facility : Procedure of online petition filing In CM Cell of Tamil Nadu Chennai
    Place: Chennai, Tamilnadu
    Website :

    About CM Cell Tamilnadu:

    This cell is formed in Tamil Nadu to resolve the general public issues so that this department can review all the grievance also this Cell is responsible for genuine complaint and its responsibility to remedy to those complaints which are genuine also provide good communication between government and citizen from this they can get effective and efficient service by govt. It’s a big issue that how to contact and give our complaint to higher level department so this is the body which is accountable for this. This is the main factor that is body is formed.

    How to Lodge Your Grievance Online:

    What is Procedure for New User Registration? :

    Fill the following mandatory fields. Initial & Name, Father / Spouse Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Door Number, Street, State, District, Taluka, Village, Pin code(should be 6 character), E-Mail id (should be a valid one)

    After entering the above details, a security code will be displayed which should be filled.

    After submission of online form, the registration details will be saved automatically and the system will provide an auto generated password (which you need to save or remember), It will automatically sent to registered E-mail ID.

    How to login after Registration?:

    (A) User if already register with the CM cell website then he/she can user the registered email id, Password.

    (B) With the help of e-mail id and password, one can log into CM Cell Website.

    How to retrieve password using Forgot Password?

    To Retain your password please enter your Login ID / E-Mail ID and Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) in the following link.

    The complete Procedure to lodge a Grievance:

    @> First you have to go through the above process after getting your password in email ID than you can able to login in the above portal (CM Cell),You need to click on the link “lodge your Grievance” to file your compliant.
    @> after going through above process you need to fill basic details.
    @> there are two option to fill there If Grievance is same as resident address or not So you have to select there If the address are different than select no.
    @> If ‘NO’, necessary address details have to be filled.
    @> after that type your Grievance, which should contain minimum of ten Characters so minimize your request.
    @> Then submit the form online, The reference number which is also called Petition number will be mailed to registered Email Id, then it will be redirected to next page, which contain the basic information and Petition details with print button.
    @> You can also get printout of your application by clicking the Print button of the registered Petition.

    How to track status of your Grievance?

    @> to check you online application status you need to login again in the CM Cell Website, after login you will get the option where you need to click on the link “Track your Grievance”.
    @> after doing above process when you click the link there in your profile in CM cell portal you need to provide and fill your registered Petition number.
    @>after entering the Petition Number in your account the current status of the Grievance will published there that its under consideration or which ever. (after clicking this you need to login to your account first)

    Contact us :

    Chief Minister’s Special Cell ,
    Chennai – 600 009.
    Phone Number : 044 – 2567 1764
    Fax Number : 044 – 2567 6929
    E-Mail :
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    i am magesh 4 jeeva st ponneri. 601204 . thiruvallre dt.enakku puyalnivaranam vazhangavendum endru keattukolkiran.mob no.8015228228
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    Dr.S.Ilavaru, 45503
    Surianelli, Idukki (District)
    Kerala, pin:685618
    Ph:04868-249490, 09447848699

    Honourable chief minister,
    Subject: cheating by Mr. Santhanam mobile no:09842122650, Manikandan Mobil no: 09842166836. Madurai
    Respected sir
    1. Manikandan was given multi parameter for repair. Till date about one year machine not repaired and not retained. Not answering for calls cost of the multi parameter. Rupees 80000.

    2. Santhanam got rupees 6000 through NEFT SOUTH INDIAN BANK. Where abouts not known Cash paid for supplyng suction apparatus. Not supplied till date. Changed mobile number. Where abouts not known and lost my money.
    Kindly give me reamidyal measure.

    Thanking you.

    Your faithfully
    Suriyanelli Dr.S. Ilavarasu 24-1-2017
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    Vanakkam, naan websitla complaints pathivu panniten. track pannuna District collector forwarded varuthu athukku apparam enga complaint poguthunu varala. so na yara pakkurathunu theriyala. pls call 9842188062
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    Where to submit online complaint online
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    I want to submit complaint. can i register my complaint through call
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    Can i register petition with out my name.
  8. veera

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    It is as usual as all other India government kind of a fake service. One who want to make a complaint thro' this website, first has to register. But our people in ruling are so clever. Hence they have made it in such a way that no one can register for login. Then...very smart.! Problem solved....good governance.!!!
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    my name is uma , am working in private concern, am recently purchase one plot, that plot is unapproved now am applied housing loan for banks but bankers rejected and said the reason plot is unapproved, how can possible to build the house her/his own fund because all middle class people having highest dream is own house, so pls. now hold the GO please proceed and gohead for your kind consideration, all middle class people will happy
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    i m priya ..i fully distrubed with my husbend.. shall i complaint in cm cell ?
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    MY CONTACT NUMBER 9094844689
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    I Am V.Harikrishan & is staying in kattankulathur 603203 we are having lot problem in my area so upsetting my family
    i want to speak jayalalitha amma personally and also immediately its very urgent petition
    my contact number :9444273242,9940273936
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    I am V.Harikrishan is staying in kattankulathur 603203 we are having many problem in my area so upsetting my family
    i want to speak jayalaitha amma imediately its very urgent .enna problem patha enga veitduku pakkathukala eb post kambam naitduillanar so estimation padi parthall
    oppositela varum. but goverment empolye thappa poduranga .so ethanala enga family romba kastapadurom enga veitla chinna pasanga and vayathanavargal irukerargall andha kambam megavum aabathakaa irukerathu andha kambathai govertmentla thappa natduuillanar engalin abathai karuthil kondu endha problem clear seiumaru amma avarkalai megavum panivudan keitdukolkerom thanks amma .
    my contact no 9444273242,9940273936
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    IAm JAYA in TV Mali DT ,cheyyar Tk, irungal village,604 505. Panchayat thallivar take away all water in our lake because thy capchering fish,all farmers opset and wari please take immediate and save our life.
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    I am RavichandranBlock Development officer(under suspension) collectratre the nilgiris was placed under suspension without any prior Notice day before my retirement Based on a mere petion by persons who are working against the government headed by manbumigu chief minister Amma. They petitioned against a good completed pipeline work executed by me under had scheme in porthi village of udhagai block Under the technical supervision of Thiru Pasupathi executive engineer(RD)nilgiris ,Tmt Jaganhare AEE,Thgiru subbaiah AEE. The Completion Report was successfully accepted by the funding Authority HADP project director.The Quality of the Pipe was certified by the AEE TWARD BOard .I'am a person suffering from cancer. I suffered a Major Heart attack. Kindly consider my prayer to sanction my pension and retirement Beneficiaries.
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    Dear Sir, My Name is Velmurugan residing in Velachery. I have independent house in Manapakkam (Near DLF IT Park) which was given for residential purpose to tenant but for the past 1yr 2 months he's dragging and not vacate the premises as I need to occupy the house for my own family use. Many times discussed with him orally , given written evication notice with reason but he's not cooperating to vacate the premises. Please help.
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    hello sir, i want to submit complaint against corruption. electricity department officer is asking for bribe for providing us commercial connection.
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    Anbulla en amma avargaluku, en name hussain nan Thoothukkudi district kayalpatnam en ooru. Amma nan romba kastathulla orukuren enaku 2 cent nezham ullathu ungaludaya pasumai veedu thittathin kil veedu katti thatumaru thalmaiudan kattu kolgiren. En number 8144719891
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    Dear sir/Madam,
    The AMMA TRACK (Taxi) proprietor Arockiyasamy misuse the name they personal use.We only hope the name of amma, not the proprietor.But the proprietor took to much of advantages,comparing the another track this track tariff low that is the reason middle-class people use this track.
    This circumstance turns proprietor side he told who have used the track that person told I know so many minister and MLA so, I can easily be arranged a job and they collect advance amounts like 50,000,and 30,000.The proprietor till now more than 50 peoples lied.and total amount may be number lakhs. Please take necessary action and arrange to settle the people money.

    can i ask few questions?
    1.All the scheme like start amma water ,,,etc run by a government .
    2But why the track name AMMA TRACK run by a proprietor.
    This proprietor activity like.....
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    please file me above complaint so that the department can take action as soon as possible. thanks.
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    From 29.08.2016

    The Local Residents of
    Singanna Chetty Street
    Chintadripet, Chennai 600 002

    Respected Sir,

    We are the permanent residents of the locality namely Singanna Chetty Street, Chintadripet, Chennai 600 002 and we have been living there for more number of y ears having our own residential building.

    An individual has been carrying on business under the name and style of A.B. ELECTRO PLATING at No. 66, Singanna Chetty Street, Chintadripet, Chennai 600 002 by doing electro plating and fabrication activities using 10 HP motor and thereby he is committing noise pollution and air pollution in the locality and we have been suffering being unable to bear with the noise pollution and air pollution. The pollution being caused by the above said individual is greviously causing injuries to our health and we are not able to lead our family life peacefully in the locality. The children are put to suffer noise pollution and air pollution and they are not able to carry on their studies and as a matter of fact, the people of the locality are suffering a lot. In the said circumstances it has become necessary to make this complaint so that you will be able to take immediate and appropriate action either to close down the trade or to shift it from the residential locality to any other industrial area.
    We therefore request you to take immediate action and do the needful.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    R.Nrayan gowsik
    E.Venkat raman
    B.Kesava moorthi
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    Mudhalvar Amma ku vanakkam, Kancheepuram keyaku maavatam Thiru N.C.KRISHNAN Avargal Pozhichalur Panachayat thalivar padhavikigu summar Rs.35lakhs muthal Rs.50lakhs varai kekurar . Tharpodhiya panchayat thalaivaraga irukum KALAIARASI DHANUSU udaya thandhai aagiya MU.KA.DHANUSU panchayat thalaivaraga velai parthu kondu irukurar. KALAIARASI DHANASU panchayat smandhamana endha oru vishiyathuku varuvadhu illai. Pozhichaluril panchayati 5 aandugalil idhuvarai endha velaiyum nadaiperavillai. velaigal nandha madhiri kanakku kamikka pattu ulladhu. idhai palla murai N.C.KRISHNAN idam therivithum endha nadavadikayum edaka pada villai. Munnal kancheepuram keezhaka mavatam T.K.M.CHINNAYYIA avargalin kaiaallu aagum. Adhu matum allamal BABU engiravar MP election matrum MLA election ku endha oru katchi porupillum illadha ivar idam katchi electiom amountai N.C.KRISHANAN avargal kuduthaar. Adhai avare eduthu kondu. katchi election ku endha oru selaivayum seiyalmal MU.KADHANUSU iravarum pangu potanar. Idhayaum N.C.KRISHNAN idam kuriyum tharpodhu pozhichalur panchayat thalaivar padhavikku BABU enbavar idam kaasai petru kondu aavaruku tharuvadhaga oppukonduullar Pozhichalur panchayat meendum ADMK aga maara vendum endral ivargal illadha oru sirandha pozhichaluril nangu arindha matum katchi panii atrrikondu irukum matrum pozhichalur makkaluku sirandha sevai seidhu kondu irukum nalla oru thalaivar matum councilar galai pozhichalur panchayatku thandhu udhavummaru ketu kollgirom. N.C.KRISHNANA idhumatu allamal TAMBARAM,PALLAVARAM,PAMMAL,ANAGAPUTHUR,POZHICHALUR aagiya idangalil panam kodukindravagalukku matume thalaivar matum councilar vaaipu allika ullar. Maavatta seiyalalar ku theriyamal indha vellai ellam nadakiradhu. Indha kuraiyai avargalin sumathuvadhuku engaluku avargalin mell munnvirodhamo alla pagayo illai. Makkal nallanayum matrum oorunallanayum karudhi matume Mudhalvar AMMA avargalin aatchi sirapudan nadai petrukondu irukiradhu. adhai thodarndhu ullaatchi amaipugalum sirandha porrkaalam aatchi aga amaivendum enbadhai nokamaga kondu indha kuragalai smarpikiren. Idhanai aavanai seidhu Pozhichalur matum mell kuriya idangalukum sirandha thalaivar matrum councilar galai Mudhalavar AMMA avargal thandhu udhavummaru ketu kollgiren.
    Ippadikku Mudhalarvar AMMaavrgalin Visuvasi ,
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