Uttar Pradesh: General Instruction of Apply Online for Scholarship of Pre/Post Matric Registration Application Form Add Master Data 2016-2017

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    For general instruction about document need to submit here, how fill scholarship form and other details user need to user visits scholarship and fee reimbursement society. They can provide all details to students for apply given scholarship services. Department can provide online website to help their citizens. It can contain all information in computerize form so every person can apply here. Most of user prefers online service it can save their time and provide result in short time. It is designed and developed by the national informatics center. They can maintain portal so it can run without any error. But all content here is provided by the concerned department. They can add here new content time to time so students can easily apply here. It cans provide scholarship for different type of class students. They need to check all details given in P.D.F form. Read here given instruction at time of fill form. If some mistakes found in form, you need to correct them. Otherwise form is rejected by the department. User need to register here and take their user name and password. It is used for enter details here which is necessary for them. They can provide toll free number for user help. User need to call on given number in any working days and ask here any question related to any quires. After apply, you need to check status of form here, it can provide result about their scholarship is process or not. You need to check details like correction notification is provided here. Make correction in application form and submit to school with hard copy of application form. It can provide many type of application form to user so that can apply here manually. Read all details in given form.

    // General instruction of apply online scholarship //

    Read instruction here
    1. Education institute can assign a nodal officer for scholarship and fee reimbursement department.
    2. Institute need to update all details about scholarship on website of You need to update all details here time to time so students can check details here.
    3. For new education institute you need to add district social welfare department and get your login id and password. For login id provided by previous year, you need to login here for access master database.
    4. For reset their password, institute need to visit district social welfare officer’s login here. For reset their password you need to contact to social welfare officers.
    5. For social welfare, SC social welfare, OBC welfare officer password reset, you need to check on option of NiRDESHAYLA login. For reset password, you need to contact to NiRDESHAYLA.
    6. If any new course is not add in given list, you need to contact to welfare department for add records in master data.
    7. For add new bank account you need to contact to NIRDESHYALAYA office.
    Some steps for add master data
    1. For this you need to visit on website option name as institute section login on DASHMOTAR SANSTAHAN, click here.
    2. For login, institute need to first change their password and then login with new password here.
    3. After that some options is appear here: -
    • Details of institute
    • Choose course here
    • Current course fees submit
    • Reports
    1. First you need to select here institute details Enter all details here about institute like address, nodal officer details and upload here certificate in PDF form. Size is less than 500 K.B. then click on update button.
    2. Now chose here option name as course. Chose here your course and update here.
    3. You need to submit here fees of current course.
    4. Click on report button for check different type of report here.
    5. For inter collage master database you need to enter here details about institute. There is option like because select and other is disabling by department.
    Post matric scholarship class 9th – 10th for add data in master database
    1. You need to visit on website option name as institute section.
    2. Here you need to first change your password here before login here and then login with new password.
    3. Add details about institute here.
    Read all details given here.
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