UPPCL Electricity Bill Payment Online & Duplicate Copy of Receipt Download

  1. Dear Team,
    Last month i paid my electricity bill by using online mode with credit card. when i used the online payment gateway by mistake it was done two times. now i talked to my bank and they said that the payment is already has been submitted to the electricity department uttar pradesh uppcl. but when i am checking the payment status online it is showing me that i had paid the bill amount only once. now my question is where is the money went in 2nd time payment. please tell me that how can I download the duplicate copy of receipt so that i can check it by my own. Also the bank said if the transaction was refused by electricity department in that case i will get the refund of my money within 24 hours.
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    consumer no. 7476306000 bill receipt paid on 14.11.2018
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