Urgent Requirement for Content Writer Post as Part Time or Full Time (No Registration Charges/Fees)

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    NOTE - We Are Not Taking Any Charge or Fees for Registration or Job. Please Ignore if Someone Asks You to Pay Money for Providing Job in IndianReaders Team or ClueMatrix India.

    Resumes / CV / Applications are invited for the Content Writer post as the part-time or full-time job from home. Send a copy of CV in cluematrix@gmail.com or call for the telephonic interview on +91-9555312045. Here we are giving the opportunity to educated peoples who have talent, and they want to use their mind to earn something or want to grow their knowledge day by day. So this is the IndianReaders.Com platform under ClueMatrix India Web Publishing Firm to make extra earnings if you are already an employee or if you are a student and want to improve your knowledge.

    Job Description
    We are introducing “Part-Time / Full-Time Content Jobs” to all our visitors, students, and working persons. We are aware all the guests to earn from home by just answer the simple questions or by the giving answer of other visitors. These issues and solutions are solely related to Education, Career, Current affairs, About Govt Orders, Any Biggest News which you want to share with others, Any Important Notification, etc.

    Example ►►► http://indianreaders.com/threads/4421

    Full Time Content Writer (Permanent Salary Bases):
    @= 2000 to 3000 Words / Day = Rs. 8000 to Rs. 10,000 Salary / Month
    @= 3000 to 4000 Words / Day = Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 Salary / Month
    @= 4000 to 5000 Words / Day = Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 15,000 Salary / Month
    @= Above 5000 Words / Day = Rs. 20,000 Permanent Salary / Month

    Part Time Content Writer:
    @= Rs. 10 / 100 Words with monthly internet charges for Six months
    @= Rs. 15 / 100 Words with monthly internet charges after Six months

    NOTE - Internet charges (Rs. 1000) is given extra to our permanent employees. Our moderator will check the quality of your data before approval. The salary for the permanent content writer is paid the first day of each month, and part time content writer can get their money any day any time as they want. The permanent team member content writer is also given laptop maintenance charges (Rs. 500) or a laptop (only if you are in Delhi) extra along with the internet charges. Also for the part-time, content writers need to write minimum 10000 words for the first payment of Rs. 1000.

    What to Do
    You just have to reply the queries asked by the ordinary users on the website section of Ask Expert or in other places. Team members can answer any of the questions on the site whatever they like. You can post the new article related to the government procedures, education, jobs/recruitment notification, government orders, etc. There is no any time foundation and no qualification fixed by us. Make sure for copy paste data it is not allowed on this website. You must have to write the complete data from your knowledge. You just can get the information and details through other websites. Make sure that your data is not matching from any website apart from the noun (name, place, facts).

    Payment Mode
    We will make an online excel file which will share with our employee/team member. We will count every word of the article written by you, and after that, we will pay you money as par that. You can take your money anytime from us (minimum Rs. 1000), but for that, you have to inform us before three days. We will pay you through the online payment (NEFT) mode, or you can get cheque by post at your home address.

    You will get the money through the “Net Banking Transfer” Or “By Cheque” in your account. (If you are not having account then we will pay you through cash).

    Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)What kind of Benefits you can get from this?
    • You can gain your knowledge, and in future, you will get best career options.
    • You can earn money and get valuable information regarding your career.
    • You can help yourself as well as others who want to know the correct answers.
    • You can improve your caliber.
    • By earning money, you will feel more motivated by yourself.
    • You can make a group of well-talented people.
    • You will become a vital part of the successful site of career and educational forum.
    Are there any application fees for joining “Part-Time / Full-Time Job” by IndianReaders Team?

    Do I have to register for this site?
    YES, Visit > HERE for Registration and call in 9555312045

    Is there any Eligibility Criteria?
    NO! there is no age, qualification, occupation required. People from any profession, students or homemakers are welcome on our site.

    Any valuable tips for Job in IndianReaders Team?
    You can try to write quality and helpful answers as much as you can.

    Procedure to register on this website and to participate on “IndianReaders Part Time / Full Time Job.”
    Step 1: REGISTER

    Step 2: After registration, you will get an email from our team which will contain an activation link. Check that link.

    Step 3: Now click HERE to write any questions or answer.

    Step 4: Start writing the quality answers and you will get the points as per your replies.

    Important Guidelines (Things to keep remember before going to post any thread) –
    1. You can post the helpful answers or can ask questions which are useful for other also.

    2. Do not copy and paste any data from other sites.

    3. Write answers in detail with using systematic process

    4. You can use English and Hindi both languages.

    5. The more you will write you can achieve the highest rank.
    6. Do not post wrong information write the correct answer then post it.

    What is the benefit for Us?
    Your post and thread will give us good ranking, and it will make us an excellent forum through which we can provide the help to those who are seeking and want to get more knowledge.

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    C.E.O U.P Gonda. voter id card registration procedure and download system online in website of official election department.
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    C.E.O u.p address gonda district Kolonelganj check status of voter id card area wise. i need to download the complete list of all epic cards isseud by the chief electoral officer of uttar pradesh. thank you
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    great news.. thanks for the part-time work sir.. please contact me in mail i made my registration on this website.
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    sir, i want to start this work from home.
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    how to apply csc
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    only u have to wait to check the status.
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    thanks for infomration. i want to start work from home what to do.
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    how to get new csc center and start new business
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    dear sir
    i am apply for new csc member. my registation is month long time.but i have no information given. plz give me sagation. i am check my resistration status but give me under process long time.
    my mail id surendraagrawal111@gmail.com and my mob no 9685081935
    pleace give me answer
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    dear sir
    i am apply for new csc member. my registation is month long time.but i have no information given. plz give me sagation. i am check my resistration status but give me under process long time.
    my mail id surendraagrawal111@gmail.com and my mob no 9685081935
    pleace give me answer
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    can we start this work from our home or do we have to visit in any office for appointment.
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    giridhi mai job in giridhi
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