vodafone.in Vodafone Brings Go for Gold contest 2015 of WAP Competition Pack


    It’s a great news for all !!

    By attaining the simple contest on your mobile, you can reach for the gold to win. Wireless Application Protocol Competition Pack brings you Play for Gold Competition. You can win Gold worth upto Rs. One Lac by using your brain and by giving answers of simple General Knowledge Questions. You must be one who can fulfil their dreams by giving the answers of questions daily at Rs. 5/- per day for Gold of Rs. 1.00 lac, monthly an LET TV and Daily Recharge. You must be the one who can win these all.

    Date of Competition:
    Beginning Date – 18.11.2014

    Closing Date – 15.02.2015

    Grand Prizes:
    <@#> Bumper Prize – Bumper Prize is the Gold Voucher value upto Rs. 1,00,000/-

    <@#> Monthly Prize – 32 inch LED TV

    <@#> Daily First Prize – Recharge of Rs. 100/-

    <@#> Daily Second Prize – Recharge of Rs. 75/-

    <@#> Daily Third Prize – Recharge of Rs. 50/-

    Monthly scheduled Prize-
    1st Month – From 18th November, 2014 to 13th December, 2014
    2nd Month – From 14th December, 2014 to 12th January, 2015
    3rd Month – From 13th January, 2015 to 15th February, 2015

    How to Subscribe:

    }>. If you want to Subscribe to the WAP competition pack then you need to do the following

    }>. Log on to from your mobile


    }>. SMS KHEL to 111 or 144 For Free


    }>. Dial *567*969#

    How to Unsubscribe:
    To Unsubscribe, Log on to from your Mobile


    SMS CAN KHEL to 111 or 144 for Free

    How to Play Contest:

    (<>) Go to the link

    (<>) Click on the right answer from the given two options.

    (<>) Then click on ‘Next’ to continue Play

    (<>) Rs. 5/- per day will be charged (only on competition days)

    What is the Eligibility to participate in the Contest:

    {~} Those who fulfil the eligibility can participate in the Contest. This contest is valid for the active Subscribers who must be fulfilling the following criteria.

    {~} The Subscriber must be at least 18 years of age.

    {~} The subscriber must be the resident of India

    {~} He/she must be an active Subscriber of Vodafone India.

    {~} The subscriber must be a Wireless Application Protocol Competition Pack Member.

    {~} Those who are prepaid Subscribers, they must have the minimum balance of Rs. 2/day at the time contest period to take part in the Contest.

    {~} The subscriber should not be a prisoner or accused for commission of any criminal fault.

    {~} The subscriber must not be undergone through any legal action, like bankruptcy, control by court order etc.

    Subscription process for WAP Competition Pack:

    #@>. All the active Subscribers of Vodafone India may subscribe to the WAP Competition Pack by by logging on to through SMS to the toll free no. 111 or 144 OR they can be subscribe by dialing to 567*969#.

    #@>. Subscription to the WAP Competition Pack is to be done without any additional charges other than the normal GPRS usage charges.

    #@>. GPRS browsing charges will be applicable as per the Subscriber’s data plan on their registered number with Vodafone India.

    #@>. All WAP Competition Pack Members will automatically be eligible to play all
    contests and win prizes offered under all contests under the terms and conditions of that particular contest.

    #@>. This is the eligibility of WAP Competition Pack Members of having minimum balance of Rupees Two during the contest live under the WAP competition Pack.

    #@>. When the subscriber is subscribed under the WAP Competition Pack, he/she will get alert about the current contest and upcoming contest on their registered mobile with Vodafone India.

    #@>. All the subscriber who are registered with WAP Competition Pack Member will be charged with Rs. Five, Rs. Three and Rs. One on all the contest days, which is depend on the balance available on their registered mobile with Vodafone Inda.

    #@>. If a subscriber under WAP competition pack member does not charge their number continuously for a period of 30 days during the active of contest, the system will automatically deactivate the subscription to the WAP Competition Pack. An intimation by SMS will be sent to their registered number about the deactivation.
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