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    West Bengal – Renew driving license

    Renew driving license service is provided by the transport department for west Bengal state. They can provide facility to citizens if their license is expiring or in 30 days of grace periods. They can provide form 9 which is provided by the R.T.O office with all documents proof. User need to check here all procedures for apply and renew their license. They can provide many type of application form to their license which is used for learner, permanent and international license service. Most to person want online service for book online appointment for license. User need to appear for test in given date and time. They can provide all service to user in short time with application number. User need to check here traffic sign, rules at time of drive any type of vehicles in public place. If driver can break any rules they need to given fine or their license also rejected. So read all given details here and apply for license renews service any time with all documents. User can renew after expiry date within 5 year with fine. For more detail about license service user need to visit to R.T.O office with all documents.

    //Procedure for apply renew license//

    For renew service user can apply 30 days of grace period and after expiry date within 5 year, citizens can apply for their license renew service not other person.

    --Document require--
    • Form 9(for renew)
    • Driving license with passport size photograph
    • Form 1 A (if applicant age is more than 50 year)
    • Identity proof and age proof documents (voter card, passport, ration card, voter card)
    --Where to submit form--

    Form 9 is submitted with all supporting documents to R.T.O office.
    Citizens check here details for renew driving license with all process.

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    What is the rate after past one month of renewal date.kindly send total charges.
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    my driving licence expired more than one month and a week
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