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    International Consumer Rights Protection Council (ICRPC) helps and guides lament (grieved) consumer switch their complaint in the consumer court. ICRPC is a registered NGO. It do not get financially supported by any government, it is totally depend on the membership to carry on this intrepid social work.

    Procedure For Filling Complaint With ICRPC:

    The individuals or a group of individuals have to follow the given procedure to make their complaint. If the mentioned procedure will not followed, the complaint may be rejected and non-refundable fee of Rs. 300/- (three hundred) will not be reimbursed. Follow the steps to make complaint accepted.

    Your details need to fill in Page No. 1- No need to attached covering letter:

    o Name of the complainant

    o Address need to fill

    o Mobile Number

    o Telephone number (residence)

    o E-mail Address (must mention email as it is important because the copy of notice will be send to the consumer email address)

    o Complaint Against ( here need to mention the name of the company)

    o Details of Payment (must mention the cheque no./Transaction no. and dated and bank name)

    Fill the details of Opposite Party in Page No. 2:

     Name of Opposite party (name of company or person against whom the complaint may be filled)

     Address of the Opposite Party

     Telephone Number

     Fax Number

     Chairman Email address or Company E-mail address

     Name and address of the branch (with which you deal and received defective manufactured goods or services).

    Other Pages:

     Date wise Facts: Here the consumer or complainant have to demote to the attached documents page no. as a proof of talking or writing about the facts.

     Relief: Here need to mention about the assistance or help needed against the complaint. Like- if he/she expecting refund, replacement of defect, reimbursement of payment etc.

     Attach the Xerox copy of bill of goods, service report etc.


    A Non refundable fee of Rs. 300/- will be deposited by DD in favour of ‘ICRPC’ payable at Mumbai. Write the name of the complainant on the back of he cheque which must be attached with pin with the first page.

    Online payment:

    The complainant can also make the payment through Net Banking. It is acceptable. First you must send a request through email for Net Banking details and get back the response with receiving net banking details within 2 minutes time.

    Email for Net banking payment : payment@consumergrievance.com

    • You must have to send all the required or supportive documents must staple or attach with thread and make one bunch only. The authority will not accept the loose, unstapled, or loose papers. Cheque must be pinned up.

    • Keep ready all the papers, after that you need to fill ‘Online Complaint Registration Form’ to get Verification Number which is received within 2 minutes. The complainant have to mention this number on the top left corner of the first page of the complaint and also mention on the top left corner of the envelope. Now, send your complaint to ICRPC in the given address.



    Vijay Nagari,

    Ghodbunder Rd.

    Thene W, Mumbai - 400615

    ICRPC Procedure after receiving documents :

    • After receiving the envelope, the ICRPC will acknowledge the receipt through E-mail. 60 days of time will be taken by the authority.

    • The authority will issue a legal notice to the accused (against whom the complaint filled) within 60 days by giving 7 to 15 days of time limit. The ICRPC will also send a copy to the complainant by email. Rejection of complaint may also be informed within 60 days of time.

    • If the complainant do not received any acknowledgement receipt or copy of notice, can inform the ICRPC by sending reminder e-mail at mail@consumergrievance.com.

    • If the complainant accusation is not settled after notice, ICRPC will give help in preparation of case papers for filling in the consumer court. Nominal fee will be charged for preparation of case papers. No need to hire any lawyer as ICRPC will give free guidance till the final orders given by the court.

    Steps to follow to contact ICRPC for help:

    1) First you need to get the procedure for filing your complaint with ICRPC.

    You will get the procedure within 2 minutes of sending e-mail.

    2) In the procedure you will be informed about how to prepare your complaint and send to ICRPC. You will be informed what action we will take on your complaint.

    3) To file a complaint in the consumer court you need to be the purchaser of goods or services against payment of money.

    4) You should file your complaint in the consumer court within 2 years from the date of the cause of action.

    5) ICRPC is not a consumer court. It is just a mediator or helper to get your complaint resolved through out of court settlement or helping you to file your complaint in the consumer court.

    6) Filing complaint through ICRPC will save you a lot of money and you will not require an expensive lawyer.

    7) Through ICRPC you will be able to file your complaint in the consumer court in your city.

    8) You need not visit ICRPC office. In fact they never encourage this and never meet anyone even if someone comes without an appointment. They do not give appointment unless there is very serious issue.

    9)Do not mark copies to ICRPC of the e-mails correspondence with others as they block such email IDs.

    E-mail :mail@consumergrievance.com

    Number for SMS only: +91 8080423516
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