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    The Punjab is the state of India which is situated on north region. It is established on 1947, 15th august. The total are covered by the state is fifty thousand three hundred sixty two kilometers square. The electricity board of Punjab state is known as Punjab State Electricity Board. The Punjab State electricity Board (PSEB) was established in the month February in the year 1959 under the Electricity supply Act, 1948. But the department came to known in the year 1967. It is two company’s part to provide supply of power in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. The two parts are first is Punjab State Power Corporation Limited it is also called POWERCOM and in the second part is called Punjab State Transmission Corporation Limited which is also known as TRANSCO. Both the two companies are responsible to provides supply of electricity in across the state and able to make rules regarding transmission, tariff rates and connection of meters. The Punjab State Electricity Board, the department has their own projects of Hydro and thermal and their total production of power as per last year’s records is around 22267.640. As per the last year documents records, the department provides their services to total 7885076 connections in the state, as 6566704 general connection, total connections of industrial consumers are 123430 and to agriculture consumers total connections are 1191407. Apart these connections, the PSEB provide services to other consumers with total 3535 lines. As per the last year records, the total supply of power to general consumers is of 13269 loads (in megawatt), for industrial consumers load is of 7940 MW along with 8117 MW to agriculture consumers and to other consumers had supplied total power of 29738 MW. Al the plants and load of electricity works is handled by PSPCL since the department is installed.

    In the state of Punjab the facility of online electricity bill payment is provided through the official website of PSPCL. The department made section to make payment of electricity and water bill online through credit / debit card. Follow the steps by step procedures to make payment of bill online.

    First open the official website of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited from here:

    After then here given option of Distribution >>> View your bill. Take you to

    Here click to pay bill option. And in the next page

    Here enter your account number which is given on your bill. And click to add and next provide you details of your bill as bill amount, name etc. check all and when satisfied then click to the pay now option and chose the option to make payment and after making payment take print of acknowledge slip.


    To make payment of your electricity bill or to view your electricity bill you can also visit to this page

    There given two options as view your bill or online payment click to any option as per choice.

    The PSPCL also provides you an option to make payment of your more than connection. It also provides you service of downloading receipt if by any chance you forget to take print of acknowledge slip then you can click to this page and take print of your last transaction

    If you are not satisfied with the online service or any other problem or want to complaint then file your complaint to this page

    Or for contact details of Punjab State Power Corporation Limited click to

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    How to know my account No. ?
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    how to check the account number details. where we can find that.
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    Extra charges than the actual bill are pinch able . Our bill is for Rs.5930 but payment is demanded for Rs.5991.1 through on line payment which is not not acceptable .
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    मेरा तीन महीने से बिजली का बिल जम नहीं हुआ है। मुझे बताएं की क्या मैं ऑनलाइन भी पिछले बिल जमा कर सकते हूँ।
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  6. Yes u can pay online.
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    Yes u can pay online
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    Yes you can pay online
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  9. How I can trace my new a/c no. By my old a/c no.
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    It's written on your bill receipt
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    you can check the account number on the hard copy bill. please download the copy and check the details.
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    Dear sir my previous bill receipt is lost and my account number i don't know. Please tell me my account number
    my details is house number 287/b adarsh nagar jalandhar city punjab 144008
    my last bill pending is 3640/ bill pay last date is 15/06/2017 with late fee.
    sir please tell me my account number
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    How to know my consumer
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